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mailbag, Feb 1, 3:33am
I'm a Rural Postie, have always had diesel utes or SUV's. Travel 260ks a day,six days a week on sealed and unsealed roads. Would it be cheaper to run a petrol vehicle? Opinions and thoughts please.

msigg, Feb 1, 3:35am
Like for like, Diesel only way to go.

quickbuck, Feb 1, 3:58am
Yup, with those k's Diesel will work out better.

brapbrap8, Feb 1, 4:03am
If you want a ute or SUV again, then pretty much everything will be diesel anyway.

quickbuck, Feb 1, 4:14am
Really? There are plenty of petrol ones out there.

robotnik, Feb 1, 4:42am
How about a plug in hybrid like the Mitsi Outlander. Fuel consumption is only 1.9L/100km.

robotnik, Feb 1, 4:45am
Petrol utes are a bit limited. There's the Toyota Hilux and then some Chinese and Korean ones you wouldn't really want - Great Wall, etc.

mugenb20b, Feb 1, 4:49am
That would be a good car but not at that price. You could buy two brand new D22 Navaras for the same money.

mailbag, Feb 1, 4:49am
Running a Nissan Xtrail diesel at the moment but they are now petrol only

quickbuck, Feb 1, 4:52am
Ford Falcon, Holden Commodore, Ford Courier, Holden Rodeo.

franc123, Feb 1, 5:04am
You'd think NZ Post contractors would have worked out by now what the best tool for the job would be, but it appears not given the mishmash of Corollas and Wingroads through to Hilux, Triton and Colorado that are all in service. There's obviously not a clear answer as to what's best.

bigfatmat1, Feb 1, 5:09am
Mitsis smoke this would be even more of a concern when ts a hybrid and the engine is not running

m16d, Feb 1, 5:14am
I just paid $580 RUC for 10thou k's for my diesel. if your not going to do any towing with your postie ute then think seriously about getting a petrol.

quickbuck, Feb 1, 5:18am
Except petrol is about $1 per litre more than Diesel and you tend to burn quite a bit doing 260k per day.

next-to-normal, Feb 1, 5:23am
maybe look at lpg

bunny2121, Feb 1, 5:27am
Put some options into fuel saver for yourself. Gives a good indication of what each car will cost to run.

thejazzpianoma, Feb 1, 5:29am
I don't get why people make speculations regarding such an important and expensive purchase, instead of just taking a minute or two to sit down and do the math?

tony9, Feb 1, 5:36am
Not for doing many Kms a day. You would be dragging around a battery, generator/motor and electronics for no use at all.

morrisman1, Feb 1, 5:36am
Id say small car - petrol. Large car or ute/suv - Diesel

The reason is that RUC is a fixed per km cost, the equivalent tax on petrol is per litre, so if you burn more petrol then you pay more tax. The point where the tax content on petrol is the same as the RUC is when you burn about 8L/100km. Burn more than this and the Diesel pays less tax. Burn less and the petrol pays less tax.

That is from a purely money side of it. Remember that diesels have higher rego fees especially commercial vehicles. with your start stop style of driving also, an automatic would likely be a better option.

brapbrap8, Feb 1, 5:50am
Falcons and Commodores would be too thirsty in stop/start driving, and probably too low for easy access to mail boxes.
And I very much doubt that a rural mail contractor is thinking of buying an old Courier or Rodeo.

Both of my partners parents are rural mail contractors, and have just changed to new Ford Ranger 2x4 utes. They are great value with the discount you get on them with NZ Post, and they are good and easy to drive, a nice height for mail boxes, and running costs are good.

msigg, Feb 1, 5:54am
Keep the xtrail, cheapest option, If for tax purpose then buy new for depreciation. Whats every other postie using down your way/courier, they know whats best, Reliability is the biggest concern, buy something simple, pays in the long run.

bumfacingdown, Feb 1, 5:54am
Maybe people do do the maths, the formula may be different to your "math" hence they get a different answer to the one you want them to get.

scottnlisa, Feb 1, 7:02am
Postie here switched to a d max and loves it. As with any class of vehicle these days I think there are 5 or 6 reasonable options and go with your gut. Can get a lemon from anyone it seems. Btw deciding point for our postie, between the ranger and d max. More comfy seat for her.

rctr, Feb 1, 9:18am
bigfatmat1 wrote:
Mitsis smoke this would be even more of a concern when ts a hybrid and the engine is not running[/quote

Except mitsi dropped the smokey 4g6 and 6g7 long ago. The PHEV could actually be viable for mileage traveled as it will always use ev mode first.
our technical guys got Wgtn to Rotorua on 50% ev.

bulkfreight, Feb 1, 5:52pm
At those ks diesel will work out cheaper even after RUC bought.

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