Ruc's for petrol vehicles now because of weight.

daryl14, Nov 19, 6:08am
Been like that for ages. All the american pick ups above the 1/4 tons (F250 F350 Dodge/Chev 2500 3500) are all subject to Hubo and COF and RUC as well.

mrcat1, Nov 19, 6:10am
It always has been, but you can claim the RUC in the petrol back as its taxed at source.

djrandomguy, Nov 19, 8:16am
so it should be, a Hyundai or Citroen small diesel ain't wrecking the roads like a 2.5 tonne Truck/SUV, pay up petrol munchers, you break it, you buy it.

lugee, Nov 20, 4:44am
They are buying it, at the pump.

westwyn, Nov 20, 10:49am
Yeah, about the NoX content of those small diesels.

djrandomguy, Nov 20, 10:31pm
if you believe the hype. A 2.5-3 tonne vehicle is gonna damage the infrastructure more than a 'normal' car. The emissions D v P debate is like the global warming or artificial sweetener debate, both side can prove they're right when they need to

petermcg, Sep 22, 1:12am
And its only the tax you can claim back you still pay the ruc charges

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