Hyundai Tucson

proproperty, Jan 2, 7:48am
Buy a 12 or 18 month old Santa Fe Limited Elite instead - very high spec and quality feel that the "Plastic" Tuscon lacks.

andrewrender, Jan 2, 8:17am
The only problem with that is they want a brand new car and petrol, to get the same level of spec as the Tuscon in the Santa Fe you have to go diesel

andrewrender, Dec 23, 9:16am
Asking on behalf of someone - what is everyones opinion on the new Tucson's?

AA have given it the car of the year, however I have never been one to take that into account when buying a car.

Are there any issues that we should be aware of.


tamarillo, Dec 23, 6:47pm
See if library has November issue of wheels magazine from Aus.
Compared with kuga, CX5, forester.
All close with little to seperate them in final score. Hyundai criticised for dull engine and lack of power.
None could do below 10L per 100k though so if you don't really need an SUV, don't.

grangies, Dec 23, 7:54pm
Good informed answer Tamirillo. You're an asset to this Trade Me Motoring message board.

However, there are people out there that don't really care if their vehicle costs a bit more to run on fuel than the next.

I personally would rather my car wont rust, or slowly shake and vibrate everything loose, or expensive paint wont deteriorate too soon etc, than a few dollars more per 100km travel.

pestri, Dec 23, 8:37pm
Mitsubishi Outlander 5.8 L/100 motorway, 6.3 L/100 Auckland Te Kuiti. 7.2 L/100 Auckland NP 8.5 L/100 town.

mimik3, Dec 23, 9:18pm

brapbrap8, Dec 23, 9:32pm
Hyundais seem to be well made now, I have been in tons of them as so many stock agents, real estate agents, property developers etc that I deal with drive them.
Haven't heard any horror stories, other than you really need to change all 4 tyres at the same time because the center differential does not like old tyres on the front and new on the rear etc, have heard of some destroyed transmissions from doing that, but most 4wd wagons are like that though.

tamarillo, Dec 24, 6:07am
But wasn't in the test as its a old design now.
Of course a car mag mpg will be low, but us public get hugely varied mpg from same cars. Your results are very good.

tamarillo, Dec 24, 6:09am
Fair call. Buying new the depreciation and cost of money will out way any normal feul Bill. But mpg does seem to be a current obsession for some.

tamarillo, Dec 24, 6:12am
So Aussie spec ones, and I assume NZ, get less safety features than European ones!
Like Hyundai response that they are looking at issue of footwell.

tamarillo, Aug 9, 10:16am
Op, the Tuscan is the mid size SUV. Their big one is Santa Fe which is a sister to the Kia Sorento. In another wheel compare they rated Sorento tops and it starts at same money as mid spec Tuscan. Worth a look?
Kia is subsidery of Hyundai and share platforms and oily bits.

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