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franc123, Dec 28, 9:42am
Yep, known that for a long time

kevymtnz, Dec 28, 9:58am
should be as low as $1.70 but is far from it

mazda-min, Dec 28, 10:37am
Nothing new there

jmma, Dec 28, 10:39am
I got an idea, don't buy it. That'll teach them (o:

casualobserver, Dec 28, 10:42am
Wow. Insightful. Something costs different here than it does in another country. That's never happened before. Amazing stuff.

phillip.weston, Dec 28, 12:57pm
be glad it doesn't cost so much more, like it does in the UK and Europe.

phillip.weston, Dec 28, 12:58pm
also Australia is being ripped off compared to the USA. It's less than $2/gal there right now.

hyphen, Dec 28, 6:03pm
Australia uses more petrol than NZ. Size of the market affects price.

curlcrown, Dec 28, 6:21pm
How did you calculate that the average price of 91 octane petrol in New zealand. $1.91 is the most expensive I have seen over the last week and the lowest is $1.769

3tomany, Dec 28, 6:30pm
lots of NZrs get a discount of around 10-15 cents a litre depending what organisation you belong to

bill-robinson, Dec 28, 6:49pm
zetec, just run your car on 95/98 and solve the problem with better performance

plasticboys, Dec 28, 7:36pm
its the goverment that taxs the crap out of it . in the u.s it works out $1 to $1.20 nz as my uncle was telling me

jason18, Dec 28, 8:19pm
1.74 I paid in Auckland on boxing day

gem208, Dec 28, 10:20pm
Just paid $1.08 this morning here in oz.

franc123, Dec 28, 10:32pm
That is well below the current national average.

bumfacingdown, Dec 28, 10:43pm
So we start 67.1 cents for a litre and then add 5% more for Grab Snatch and Take and the gap starts to not look as great.

gem208, Dec 28, 11:05pm
Here's current prices in nthn beaches sydney area. Plus also there can be fuel discount offers to take more off. Cheapest right now in this area shows a couple of petrol stations have $1.09 and up to $1.15

For me it was $1.12 at pump and I had a 4c discount voucher.

elect70, Dec 29, 1:33am
Raw price of the oil is small part of the cost . It still has to be refined & distributed & retailed those costs dont go down. , nor does Govt excise taxes . Aus has some oil of its own too , plus a market 10 times bigger than NZ

tahnasha, Dec 29, 2:07am
Saw it for $1.12 a couple of days ago in the Gold Coast. Today it's between $1.14-$1.20 litre.

andrew1954, Dec 29, 8:55pm
On the matter of discounting, I recently read that about 45% of all petrol sold in Oz is sold at below the pump price. Due to people with petrol cards / accounts, supermarket vouchers etc. I would think that it would be much the same here.

franc123, Dec 29, 9:00pm
Which isn't 1.08 is it! Like I said that is a below average price.

alimac1, Aug 7, 7:03pm
Not really worried about the price of 91. The lawnmower, weedeater and chainsaw don't use much

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