Bad weather is on the way in case you missed it

intrade, Dec 31, 7:42pm
happy new year i told you so its like in a washing machine here lol

joanie04, Dec 31, 10:41pm
Wind and temperature have dropped, a bit more rain but not a lot at this stage.

tony9, Jan 1, 12:50am
Very pleasant here (Christchurch). Not a cloud in the sky and just a gentle breeze.

elect70, Jan 1, 2:54am
fine & warm down here slight swell just been fishing with my kon tiki but nothing . aint looking too flash until tuesday

intrade, Jan 1, 8:04am

tony9, Jan 1, 8:08am

intrade, Jan 1, 8:19am
i go watch some scantool diagnosys here it is if you want to learn .
he already talked about wrong codes the guy has 30 factory scantools woth over 300 tousend $us

joanie04, Aug 10, 7:01am
Blowing a gale here all day, one nasty little shower and that is all so far.

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