V6 Terrano 1992 Manual

chutneyman, Jan 8, 2:57am
Its sitting in the carport !

chutneyman, Oct 6, 10:07am
Ive recently been ripped off buying an Isuzu Mu with the dreaded 4JX1 engine.
Ive been advised not to spend a cent on it and to find the above vehicle as they are a good vehicle.been advised to check for rust under back seats and arches.
I expect it to be thirsty but its going to be a fishing waggon, not a daily runner so all good.
Any thing else I should be aware of please ?

intrade, Oct 6, 11:02am
i dont know if the v6 terrano had the same transmission as the others
Diesel terrano trans where soft as butter and had plenty of melt downs fast

andy61, Oct 6, 4:02pm
Who told you to buy a V6?, while you say its only going to be a fishing wagon,you will need to follow a fuel tanker ,they are so thirsty,in my opinion get a diesel, the 2.7 TD27 is one of the better diesels around,not a ball of fire but it is a dependable old motor,no timing belts or chains to worry about replacing.If anything go for 1995/98 shape Terrano 2.7 or 3.2 that has had the injector pump reco`ed.(dont think about the 3 litre diesel Terrano, the engine is bad news)

curlcrown, Oct 6, 4:47pm
In what way were you ripped off? What's wrong with it?

car27, Oct 7, 1:14am
I bought a v6 1995 terrano as a fishing wagon , yes it's thirsty but super reliable .Its done 345000kms and doesn't use any oil . It flys through a warrant and best of all only paid $1700 for it . Old diesels are high maintainance

franc123, Oct 7, 4:35am
Paying more than a dollar for one of those grenades is being ripped off, better off buying a box of fireworks from the red shed, at least it will be fun when it goes bang and you can control when it goes bang. Those four letters and numbers together in that order just gives you the chills, even blokes who are good at fixing diesels themselves won't go near them at any price. The pain at the petrol pump for a V6 Terrano is nothing.

mals69, Oct 7, 4:37am
Manual terranos (d21) can develop a fault around 150k due to an engineering fault where lubrication is not what it should be. Got a TD2.7 auto never missed a beat in 12 years. Lot say they got no power - mine flies - maybe
I was just lucky and got a one off special performance model :) or previous owner wound the boost up (father-inlaw lollool) drive it in hold mode on the auto - and let the torque do all the work - round 3 grand the turbo starts to blow real good :)

gpg58, Oct 7, 4:41am
Local wrecker warned me off terrano autos "for towing" yard was full of dead ones. But for normal use probably ok, but serious off-road, probably is equal to towing, in load put on it.

monaro17, Oct 7, 4:50am
I towed heavy loads with 3 terranos for years and years and never had an issue with the transmissions. Just service them and put on an external cooler. No worries

mals69, Oct 7, 4:52am
Proof in the pudding 12 years trouble free running.
Lot of tools do not service their autos or have the mechanical knowledge
to know that driving a d21 terrano in normal or power mode on the auto
is not a good idea long term - give it the welly in those modes and feels like
diff is going to come up through the floor - harsh.
Hold mode is all you need on and off road with a motor that has so much torque. Up arthurs pass mine pulls like the proverbial school boy !

franc123, Oct 7, 5:18am
And they are right to a degree, a combo of a 30 degree day, a bit of a blocked radiator, a visco fan clutch not doing its thing properly and a heavy load has certainly killed more than one TD Terrano on the aforementioned Arthurs Pass, ask any rural garage in Canterbury. Some certainly found out the hard way if you are going to use it like a locomotive you really should invest in a diesel Nissan that's got two more cylinders, a beefier gearbox and a Safari badge on the back. Terranos are pretty good but indestructible? Nope.

mals69, Oct 7, 5:30am
Agree - have to be a fruit cake to pull a heavy load with a 2.7 L
motor uo arthurs.
When stepdad got his for shearing in early 90's they were known
as "The poor man's hilux" lolol probably more terranos still
going than hiluxs of similar age.
What the d21 excells at is cheap to maintain, comfy reliable transport !

survivalkiwi, Oct 7, 6:43am
I am still lost as to how OP got ripped off?

2sheddies, Oct 7, 7:08am
Years ago when we were buying a 4wd, we took a 2.4 Surf and a 2.7 Terrano out, (both manual) and have to say the difference between the two motors, although small, was pretty noticeable. Neither was a rocketship, but the Nissan cranked along quite a bit better. Ended up with the Surf though, and what a bloody brilliant wagon it was.

Would never have one in an auto though. just my personal preference.

gpg58, Oct 7, 7:11am
Haha, that's basically what he said too, so i got a 94 4.2 turbo, and he supplied the parts to convert it to 5 speed manual.(note :to convert a turbo model, you need a new flywheel machined)

mals69, Oct 7, 8:42am
Yeah sheddies no evo - leaves brother inlaws 2.8 hilux non turbo for dead.

Nothing wrong with a terrano d21 - hence resale value and why no doubt the wrecker was stocking up on them cause he knows plenty still getting about.
One would have to be a complete tool to even consider a terrano for serious off road with the ground clearance. Nissan never intended a terrano to pull heavy loads or for serious off roading thats domain is obviously for patrols , safaris etc.
So tools try to use them for pulling heavy loads and serious off roading and when they crap out its the terrano's fault LMFAO got to be a tool if you think you know better than what Nissans intentions were !

chutneyman, Oct 8, 5:52am
I got a 1999 Isuzu Mu with the dreaded 4jx1 engine, I got it through a dealer in Auckland.
He has failed to reply to any texts or calls. Ive visited the yard and they've gone !

Im now left with a $2500 repair bill just to get it mobile again. Ive been advised to dig a hole and bury it ! Its a ticking time bomb

Im left paying 6k to finance company now !

mals69, Oct 8, 6:37am
Mysterious Utility alright - if you track him down
take a bottle of brake fluid with you for discussions - well
that is what one of my step dad's hard ass mates did back in
the day when a car yard tried to rip him. He got what he wanted
or the paint work on the cars in his yard would not have looked
flash. Good way to end up with your own ass in court these days
if carried out the threat.

mram, Oct 8, 7:56am
1992 terrano V6 has the big gearbox(manual) same internals as 300zx skyline 2.5turbo etc and a fairly bulletproof vg30 sohc motor. If its been reasonably well maintained, get it. They use a bit of juice but still keep up with most modern vehicles. D21 terranos do suffer the rust under rear seats and around the A pillar, so check that too if your worried

mram, Oct 8, 8:14am
If you do get the terrano, change the gearbox oil, make sure its a GL4 type gearbox fluid and refill by removing the gear shifter and dropping 5.1 litres in. Nissan released a service bulletin on this years ago. Level bung is only 3.6 litres and only running that much causes premature failure

chutneyman, Oct 15, 2:55am
Thankyou all. Bought it and its been well looked after. Has all WOF reports, all service reports, handbook etc. Very happy !

xs1100, Oct 15, 8:17am
I did all of that when I got my pathfinder but didn't get the service bulletin and only filled to bung hole. mind you that was only 15 yrs ago and 180,000 ks so probably due for another change and its also the ever reliable z24 mtr

franc123, Aug 8, 4:47pm
So just out of interest what happened to the Mu?

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