95 nissan terrano engine light

blurple1, Dec 8, 8:32am
has come on twice now flashes a bit then goes, oil fine water fine any ideas!

jasongroves, Dec 8, 8:36am
Have you counted the flashes!

blurple1, Dec 8, 8:36am
i think its three maybe 5 lol i dont know

jasongroves, Dec 8, 8:37am
Which engine!

blurple1, Dec 8, 8:39am
2.7 diesel

blurple1, Dec 8, 8:40am
its a 95, will def count next time it comes on

franc123, Dec 8, 8:42am
is the engine doing anything strange, does it start and run easily when cold, doesn't hesitate or lack power etc!

blurple1, Dec 8, 8:50am
has always hesitated when putting in reverse last time it came on i chucked a ton of oil in and was fine, i got a service today but checking the oil receip they only put in 6 litres maybe its a low oil indicator!

jasongroves, Dec 8, 8:51am
Oil and engine lights are very different things.
What does it look like!

blurple1, Dec 8, 8:55am
the pic that looks like a tap sort of

thunderbolt, Dec 8, 8:57am
Diesel water trap!

jasongroves, Dec 8, 8:57am
Any chance you can take a pic and post it here!

blurple1, Dec 8, 8:58am
ok will if comes on in morn thanks for help guys last thing i need is a stuffed truck

mugenb20b, Dec 8, 11:27pm
Check the air intake hose for splits / cracks, between the air flow meter and turbo charger.

mm12345, Dec 8, 11:39pm
I'm almost certain this will be the fuel filter water trap warning.I suggest you fix it immediately - usually a very easy job to drain it, but it may be a good idea to change the filter anyway .
If some of the water gets sucked through to the pump and injectors, you could be in for a serious repair bill.

blurple1, Dec 9, 9:04pm
ok thanks heaps any ideas what cost i would be looking at!

mm12345, Dec 10, 12:13am
To drain filter - free - you can do it yourself in 5 mins.
It's probably about $35 for a new filter, and you can do it yourself (change the filter) in 10 mins.
There's probably a drain bung in the fuel tank.As water has got in to the filter, there will be some (and perhaps a lot) in the tank - so probably a good idea to drain any water/grunge from the bottom of the fuel tank with the truck parked on level ground.Again, free if you do it yourself - I'm just guessing that a mechanic might charge an hour or so labour to do the lot for you, so with the new filter, perhaps well under $150.If the fuel tank had heaps of grungy water in it, then the mechanic might suggest cleaning the tank out thoroughly, I don't know how long this might take, as it's going to depend on how easy it is to access the tank.
The cost of not doing any of the above, perhaps $2000 or so, depending on how munted the pump / injector system are - after water gets sucked through.

blurple1, May 21, 2:12am
thanks mate appreciate it heaps