Box o matches and some petrol?

kazbanz, Sep 13, 5:33am
A really nice customer has returned a car to "a dealer somewhere" with a mysterious rattle from inside the dashboard.
4 solid hours of searching and slowly bit by bit stripping the dash and the culprit was finally found. Deep down inside the air conditioning where no human hand could possibly reach.
Now its just another hour or so to bolt the whole darn dash back together. Sometimes I hate my job

doriandarby, Sep 13, 5:36am
lets hope the dash doesnt squeak after being taken apart and put back together :-)

tintop, Sep 13, 5:39am
Oh dear - at least it could have been an expensive one!

gammelvind, Sep 13, 5:45am
What poor quality tools you use Kaz!

franc123, Sep 13, 6:30am
This is what makes good dealers stand apart from bad ones, personal after hours service. So are dash rattle repairs covered under the CGA? Constant Grating Annoyance?

exwesty, Sep 13, 7:00am
What a screw up.

joanie04, Sep 13, 7:56am
Maybe that's the problem with my car lol. Doesn't worry me too much as I my daily drive is 10 minutes. I do a bit of driving on metal roads, so can't hear it then. But long trips I just turn the stereo up a notch lol. I think the mere male may have left a pen up on the dash, must have thought he was still driving his van lol.

muzz67, Sep 13, 8:49am
Dad had a customer who constantly moaned about a 'tingly rattle' in her car.
She would leave it outside his workshop with the spare keys hidden.
He'd drive it around, rock it on its springs,hit the tyres with fbh (****ing big hammer),,. Never got a hint of 'tingly rattle'.
Finally told her to come and see him when-ever she heard it.
Mad cow turned up at our house saturday afternoon, middle of family bbq, demanding he look at car RIGHT NOW!
He got in, started it, drove out of driveway.
Took out the keys and took about 20keys off of the carkey.
Here's your 'tingly rattle'.
"Oh, well, I'm not paying for something THAT simple" she declared!

darryl, Sep 13, 11:11am
Surely the person using that knew it fell down there - and told no one?

marte, Sep 13, 2:16pm
I was scrapping a real old refridgerator and down the back of it behind the grill thats there.
I found a peice of wire a few inches long that was swinging off a bracket with two nuts tied onto it.

kazbanz, Sep 13, 7:00pm
Covered under the MAP repair system--or at least got very VERY close.
matches and petrol.

skiff1, Sep 13, 9:44pm
My last ute used to make a god awful jangling noise every time I turned left. Went on for about a month be fore I found the can of beer that was hitting a spring under the seat.

skiff1, Sep 13, 9:46pm
the assembly workers used to throw their empty coke cans into the door cavity on fords assembled here in the 70s. Standard repair was to spray some glue in and leave it there.

kevymtnz, Sep 13, 10:03pm
same mine creaks sometimes after sparky put in alarm

morrisman1, Sep 13, 11:46pm
Are you pozitive that you have found the issue?

exwesty, Sep 13, 11:48pm
Are you pozidrive that you have found the issue?

Fixed it for you.

kazbanz, Sep 13, 11:55pm
If you be a talking to me--Yep Im 100% certain its sorted.

kecal, Sep 14, 12:12am
was that after they had taken the friday free part , home , to assembly their ford. and yep it use to happen.

morrisman1, Sep 14, 1:50am
I spelt positive with a Z for a reason.

chevcamaro, Sep 14, 7:08am
i worked for a company that made us swap trucks all the time , everytime i drove this thing we called tonka it would blow fuses , took weeks of me taking it to auto electrician before he removed my keys from the keyring and told me to p. off

hunter69, Sep 14, 11:36am
I would like to know what they were doing screwing in the car?

kazbanz, Sep 14, 8:46pm
Far out matey --Thick as a brick outhouse sometimes.
YEP-I'm Pozee tive Ive got it.

elect70, Sep 15, 3:24am
KNow why GM took all the coke can machines out of the assembly hall , workers were leaving them inside doors & gaurds while assembling them & customer had an annoying rattle . Aaalso had to account for all trools at the end of shift . . Things that went on especially if worker was having a bad day hungover from the weekend ^ getting behind on the line .spot welds missed , nuts & bolts left out etc .

nesta129, Jun 10, 5:05pm
My mate told me how after shopping one day,when her car would go around corners,she would hear a thud.Worried,she asked her hubby to check on it and he heard the same thing. so hours later after checking the suspension and opening the dash,he found the culprit.Was a brand new plastic jar of crushed garlic was rolling around on the car floor.

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