Wind Whistle in Drivers Door when moving!

nev48, Sep 13, 9:26am
I've got a 1999 subaru impreza (the ones with no door frame - just the window against a rubber) and when Im driving there is a whistling/breeze type noise coming in from the rubber somewhere along the window. Is there anyway I can stop this/get a new rubber fixed! Thanks

gunhand, Sep 13, 9:31am
Could be many reasons but u could move the striker in a few mm and it will close the door tighter and it may go away.

rob_man, Sep 13, 9:59am
There's also an adjustment to pull the window in tighter against the body. You'll need to remove the trim from the inside to access it.

elvis58, Sep 13, 10:19am
Common problem and often caused by the mirror, may pay to check that out first!

howie69, Sep 13, 8:00pm
More common in Subaru as they go faster than the other jappa's

jsbike, Sep 13, 8:33pm
yeah they do get up a bit of speed sitting on the back of a tow truck when getting taken back to the workshop. again

joker9377, Sep 14, 2:25am
I had that prob on a mitsi. It was the trim around the windscreen but it sounded like it was the door. try to wriggle everything in a metre radious lol

s.patete, Sep 14, 5:19am
Only the red ones, get yourself a blue one and youll be sweet

nev48, Sep 14, 5:42am
thanks for all the suggestions - will get dad on to it this weekend haha!

brodix167, Sep 14, 11:35pm
common problem caused by air pressure irregularities inside the vehicle. Hold your breath and try not to fart. if that fails, buy a car that can go faster than the wind (or a subaru), perhaps a RENAULT!

elect70, Sep 15, 12:27am
splitdoor rubbers,dropped door, , BMW coupe system where the windowpullshard up torubber when shut the door is good , never get any wind noise .Thats European engineering for you .

tgray, Sep 15, 12:41am
Do a few simple tests.
ie/ try cracking open the window a little when driving and see if the noise changes to indicate it's the window.
Try pulling on the passenger door handle towards you when driving to see if it is getting in there instead.
Sometimes it's the plastic window deflectors or even the wind noise being from the external mirrors.
If none of the above, get a passenger to move their hand around the area to see if they can feel the wind getting through.
I know it's all basic stuff, but give it a go and good luck.

ceebee2, Oct 26, 7:09am
LOL to the above!