1966 Cadillac Suspension joints

jfp1, Sep 12, 7:33am
Hello all, I just put a '66 Cadillac DeVille Convertible on the hoist to change the bottom inner front suspension bushes and the caster rod bushes when I find the lower outer ball joints are past their "best by" date. I'm getting the car ready for compliance for a mate of mine and while I can get the ball joints out of the USA, I really don't want it stuck on there for too long. Does anyone have any ideas who in NZ might have the lower ball joints! Thanks in advance.

snoopy221, Sep 12, 9:29am
3 words. cadillac club
And google.K

mopar63, Sep 12, 10:03am
I think Autolign! in the hutt can rebuild them,I think BnT might be agents fort them, you'll find them with google

mdread, Sep 13, 4:03am
or try the likes of Chucks in auckland - they specialize in all the classic chevy etc. and you will probably find the parts will be the same from the 50's right through to the 60's

petermcg, Sep 13, 5:58am
Come see me Bud Ill find them for you.

moggyman, Sep 13, 6:01am
BUT. check factory tolerances for lower ball joints first, it's amazing just how much movement they can have in them with out being stuffed.
Lots of these have been chucked, over the years, in GM vehicles, when in fact they are ok!

guest, Mar 8, 6:11am
Theres a dude on Trademe that does all the American Car Stuff, they have helped me heaps in the past, try searching for Hussie and then look at their other listings, hope it works out o.k for you 66 caddy's are totally cool