Who supplies suspension arm bearings in NZ !

bevharris1938, Nov 19, 7:12pm
Like the 26-2300-fd01 http://www.mazdatrix.com/h93-95c.htm

brokebloke1, Nov 19, 7:26pm
try repco, pitstop, supercheap

bevharris1938, Nov 19, 7:29pm
Been there done that.

the-lada-dude, Nov 19, 7:40pm
brakes and transmissions
try the dealer for trade price

hijacka, Nov 19, 7:56pm
George stocks, BNT!

kazbanz, Nov 19, 8:55pm
Try the mount shop. head office is in west auckland but they have branches everywhere.
They JUST got into stock the oil filled engine mount for the mazda2/demio

bevharris1938, Nov 19, 9:16pm
The mount shop looks to be a good thing , nice website too.

treachug, Nov 19, 9:26pm
Called a spherical bearing.try a local bearing supplier - but if its for a car application sometimes they are manufacturer specific with subtle differences.

henderson_guy, Nov 19, 10:35pm
Saeco bearings perhaps!

unbeatabull, Nov 19, 11:13pm
Autolign, I'd imagine Nolathane would do a aftermarket option.

And as mentioned, SAS (Suspension and Steering) or The Mount shop.

bevharris1938, Nov 20, 12:53am
Autolign no good , Nolathane dont do the ones i want. I'm running with mount shop , thanks for your input guys.

saki, Nov 20, 12:55am
You showed us where to get them "mazda trix" or racing beat

saki, Nov 20, 1:06am
also try TM user suspension tech

bevharris1938, Nov 20, 1:39am
Yes but overseas , not in NZ

saki, Nov 20, 4:10am
That isnt a problem bought a fair bit of stuff from millen and racing beat, still buy bits off ebay for my older cars.

saki, Mar 20, 1:14am
Also try super pro suspension bushes on line catalogue.