Toyota Estima Rear Suspension Bush

leighfrancesca, Aug 4, 9:57pm
Good morning all,

Can anyone tell me where I could source these locally please.I've been quoted $380.00 per side plus shipping ex Japan, am hoping to find cheaper!

Rear suspension bush
Toyota Estima 2000
Part # 4872528050

Thanks in advance

kazbanz, Aug 4, 10:26pm
leigh --who quoted you that price and was that the fitted price!
Are you certain that its this part needed!
Its worth giving the mount shop a call they will be cheaper if they stock them

candy1213, Aug 4, 10:29pm
s.a.s ! auto line,

paul271, Aug 4, 10:30pm
s.a.s do them.

leighfrancesca, Aug 5, 9:20am
Hi Kazbanz, that was the quoted price for parts and shipping excluding 5 hours to do the work from one of the workshops that the gf puts the van through down here.And yes that is the part number that the guys at the workshop gave to the gf.
It could be a reasonable price, but I'm not really in a position to know hence why I'm asking on here.
And thanks I'll take a look at the mountshop.

And cheers fellas I'll check out the other suggestions too.

kazbanz, Aug 5, 8:46pm
OP-I've heard of people who have contact with parts guys in Japan
The price might be about half what you were quoted
TM haverules that prevent me from nameing them or their company

paul271, Aug 5, 10:19pm
You have to remove the WHOLE rear beam to do them, not hard, just takes a long time. 5 hours is about right, but the parts price seems a bit too high IMO. We usually charge about $700 for the whole job.

kazbanz, Aug 5, 10:26pm
Doncha remove the beam then put the bush in a big ol press and press em out!

leighfrancesca, Aug 6, 2:26am
Thanks for the advice everyone, we will most likely source the parts ourselves and see if they will install them.I'm aware that some workshops won't install parts that they haven't sourced themselves, is that normal practice!

paul271, Aug 6, 2:53am
I wont in mine, its too hard. people usually rock up with the wrong part, then the car is in the way while they try and get the right one.

leighfrancesca, Sep 14, 2:19pm
Fair call, I'ld better start making inquirees next week.