Would this suspension fit my caldina!

richard198, Nov 16, 3:05am
Don't do it.
I have a '93 4wd and the ride is already well low! Those shocks would stuff the whole thing up.
Are you sure your shocks aren't worn anyway! I replaced mine and difference was amazing, Have you checked your anti-roll bar bushings!

ontwowheels, Nov 16, 3:41am
no I havnt checked, just passed a WOF, not that that means much.
This car sits really high, so must be different to yours. I do not want to go super low, just lose an inch or so and stiffen it up a bit. At the moment it is 9cm from the top of the tyre to the bottom of the guard at the front and 8cm at the back.

My old VL (which I miss dearly) got lowered after I bought it, nothing super low (I have kids and didnt want something too harsh or unpractical,
It was a perfect comprimise in that car, and expect it would be in this too.

richard198, Nov 16, 4:17am
The wof won't check those bushings. I also passed many warrants with stuffed rear shocks.
The shocks for sale are from a '93 like mine, so if they've been lowered, I would have thought yours would come down too much!
Check your rear shocks and bushings for wear. Your car should not roll around corners. I can drive on the side walls with mine and it still doesn't roll!

ontwowheels, Nov 16, 6:14am
hmmm Ill have to look into it. who is good for suspension checks, I dont want to go somewhere like PS. and although I am OK on a spanner, I dont know what to look for in the shocks, will check the bushings myself for play

aj254, Nov 16, 7:05am
Another thing, there were 2 types of caldina built over the same years, one with leaf springs in the rear and coils in the front, the other with independent on coils all round.Theleaf sprung ones handle like crap but the other ones handle about the same as the corona's.

ontwowheels, Nov 16, 7:29am
didnt know that, pretty sure I have coil overs all round

richard198, Nov 16, 7:32am
Yeah, I think you'll find the 4WD have coils all round and handle much better than a Corona, so we're on the same page here. Can't recommend anyone in particular. I had mine done by a crowd in Albany but can't remember their name.

ontwowheels, Nov 16, 8:52am
makes that auction only good for my front, Im better to go for new, which I knew anyway, just cash is tight, and I am sick of driving a marshmellow (the car before anyone comes in with quick witted remarks)

richard198, Nov 16, 9:36am
I nearly cried when I heard the bill for my rear shocks but I've never regretted it!