Suspension question

jono2912, Jun 28, 10:52am
Hey guys, warrant has indicated -

LF suspension lower inner joint deteriorating.

This isn't a fail, but I would still like to fix it.

Is this something I could do, and what parts would I need!


andrea_w, Jun 28, 10:55am
Bloody MB rookie.
Make, model, year!

jono2912, Jun 28, 11:04am
Ha! Sorry.

1990 Nissan Primera TE (P10)

Pretty sure this has stiffened factory suspension fyi.

jono2912, Jun 29, 10:44am
Geez guys, don't rush me, kay!

bigracket, Jun 29, 2:01pm
How do we know if its something you can do bro! List all the things you can do maybe and we will decide.
You will need a lower inner suspension joint at the least and maybe a spanner LOL( ment to be light hearted and takin with a grain of salt).

ninja_man, Jun 29, 9:31pm
calm down people.

jono2912, Jun 29, 10:22pm
I have a screw driver, but not a spanner, will that do.! I hope it's the right size.


I do all my own servicing on my vehicle, brake pads, boots etc, always willing to give stuff a go.

johnf_456, Jun 29, 10:24pm
Got a jack!

thunderbolt, Jun 29, 10:36pm
And a hammer!

Fix anything with the right hammer.

jono2912, Jun 29, 10:42pm
My next door neighbor is called Jack.

I'll borrow my nana's hammer. :)

pge, Jun 29, 10:51pm
Make sure you don't swing it like a "nana".

thunderbolt, Jun 29, 11:05pm
Does he mind if you call him jack!

Or does he expect you to use his full name!

ceebee2, Jun 30, 5:25am
I used to do WOF checks and I am really surprised at that description assuming its word for word off the check sheet. A joint either fails or passes, there is no in between. In view of that get a garage to replace it. Too dangerous to be stuffing around with something you have never done before.No disrespect but I have seen some horror DIY car repairs done and would advise any DIYer that you cannot compromise on safety.leave it to some who knows what they are doing. Its actually not an expensive job, approx 1 hour max + cost of the joint.

jono2912, Jun 30, 9:20am
Anyone else got an opinion.!

quickbuck, Jun 30, 10:09am
2 Things you need in a tool box:
1) Hammer
2) Duct Tape

If it doesn't move, use the hammer. If it moves and it shouldn't use the duct tape.

quickbuck, Jun 30, 10:13am
I tend to agree with "Pay somebody to do it".
I like to do work on my vehicles too, but when it comes to some things, it is usually easier to pay for an hours labour, than to drive to the shop, and buy the specialist tool you may need to do the job, and only end up using it once!

smh63, Aug 26, 7:17pm
yeah , what he said