Adjustable suspension question¿¿>!-!

lazz323, Dec 6, 8:27am
i have a set of K-Sport suspension and i recently wound them all the way down to see how low they sit :), (sits hellaflush haha) anyway when its jacked up springs are un-captive but when jack is down its captive again. Is it meant to be un-captive whilst jacked up!

smac, Dec 6, 8:28am
Cool story.

lazz323, Dec 6, 8:29am
"awesome reply"

andrea_w, Dec 6, 8:30am
" adjustable suspension question¿¿>! "

I didn't see a question in your post.!


unbeatabull, Dec 6, 8:37am
If its uncaptive while jacked/on a hoist it will fail a WOF. You will need to shorten the inner shock length and likely require a cert, or get aftermarket shocks designed for the springs you have fitted.

andrea_w, Dec 6, 8:41am
ahh the post was edited a minute before I posted.
You can also fit a keeper spring to keep the main spring captive

lazz323, Dec 6, 8:46am
is a keeper spring safe to use! how much should it cost to shorten the inner shock roughly! is that like getting rid of some of the thread!

lazz323, Dec 6, 8:57am
as far as im concerned ill be keeping it legit for now wof is due tomorrow haha sowont fiddle with suspension :)

pollymay, Dec 6, 9:15am
Just use a keeper spring, they work alright

suplyuparts, Dec 6, 11:12am
cost $150 a shock it you wanna shorten it,as they said,use keeper springs.

kazbanz, Dec 7, 6:57am
Hmm -OP your car is fitted with adjustable suspension and you want a WOF. I suspect you're gonna end up needing a cert anyway

siren676, May 13, 2:55am
Maybe he already has them certed!