Hilux surf. My 3lt petrol surf iswas puffing smoke when you first put your foot down to take off and also when you decellerate a

weavs09, Sep 18, 9:38pm
my 3lt petrol surf is/was puffing smoke when you first put your foot down to take off and also when you decellerate. and has had problems starting for the last week, and now wont start, wnen you try and start it it only ticks. any ideas ! cheers

thunderbolt, Sep 18, 10:01pm
The starting issue will be battery, pop into a Auto sparky and they will test, replace and check the charge rate for you.

morrisman1, Sep 18, 10:11pm
sounds like your valve stem seals are leaking. When the engine is sitting or there is high vacuum in the intake manifold oil will make its way down the valve stems and into the intake, mix with the combustion and burn.

It normally happens on startup, idling and is especially noticeable if you go down a hill using engine braking then plant your foot, it will give a big puff of blue smoke.

weavs09, Sep 18, 10:30pm
hey thunderbolt, its not the battery as i bought a brand new one still does the same and also jumped straight off a car that was running, morrisman, i also to thought it would be the valve guides, would this cause it not to start ! have you done valve guide seals are they a big job and how much! cheers

thunderbolt, Sep 18, 10:52pm
The starter clicking or ticking instead of cranking is ususally an idication of low voltage to the starter, maybe a loose main cable at the starter! Or poor conection at the battery!
Maybe the L shaped terminals in the starter are burnt out!

bubbles244, Sep 19, 6:20am
bad earth for the starter.

remove the egr system for the smoking.

If it persists, remove the connection between the cam covers and the intake manifold and inspect for excessive oil.

I suspect its time for some new rings and a rebore as the bores have gone Oval, (like alot of tired V6's and v8's do).

If it is the cheaper options would include a 3.8 holden commodore engine and certification as apposed to rebuilding the 3lt v6 as they are not very efficient power producers anyway.

did you know toyota sells four different bearing sizes for the crank on that engine. thats how badly they were made.

intrade, Sep 19, 6:29am
what smoke ! white smoke! and is it a v6 if its white then its probably a cracked head Refit of a better engine is the best option then would be hard starting due to water in cilinder water wont compress. if its not white smoke on a petrol engine then it is something else.

intrade, Sep 19, 6:38am
post 1 no start sparkplug out and ignition disable if possibile then crank it if it still clicks then its the starter motor . If it throws out water thru sparkplug hole then you got a cracked head on that cilinder.simple test for diy
starter consists of motor and its power supply and wiring so bad battery can also be starter problem or ignition barrel contact failing.jumpstartingbypasses a bad battery for example.

zooki007, Nov 9, 2:09am
Starting issue will be starter contacts. The other issue will be corroded head and possibly block. Time to dig a hole.