What petrol do I use in a Misti Chariot 1999!

nkotb_1, Sep 19, 4:55am
Mechanic told me Unleaded 95 or up, but thought I would check out what others thought before I spend that much more money per week.He said it will run better.I couldn't find anything online.Thanks for any advice!

nkotb_1, Sep 19, 4:56am
Or a Mitsi, haha.

srrolla76, Sep 19, 5:01am
95 would be better. most newer cars use it. my piazza is a 84 and i use 95 haha

jasongroves, Sep 19, 5:03am
Which engine!

jasongroves, Sep 19, 5:05am
Actually, scratch that.
Info I have here says minimum 95 RON for all engines:)

crzyhrse, Sep 19, 5:07am
You'll use less fuel though.

nkotb_1, Sep 19, 5:11am
it is a 2 litre, 1800cc, i think.alrighty i will stick with the spendy stuff!thanks everyone

crzyhrse, Sep 19, 5:14am
LOL can't be both!

nkotb_1, Sep 19, 5:16am
oh god, i don't know!and no i'm not blonde!

bubbles52, Sep 19, 5:28am
if its one of those terrible GDI engines, id run 98

nkotb_1, Sep 19, 5:31am
yep, it is gdi, i remember seeing that on the engine.okay, 95 upwards it is.

mugenb20b, Sep 19, 6:28am
And I'd run away from it.

m16d, Sep 19, 6:35am
Yer run 95. ours pings on 91.

xraps, Nov 9, 1:07pm
Running 91 in an engine designed to run 95+ RON is a false economy. The correct fuel will give best performance by running more efficiently and this usually means using less fuel (more K's per liter) among many other benefits.