Petrol or diesel the debate

k_r_brown, Sep 25, 7:56am
asked and googled most ppl seem to be on fence thinking of trading in courier for falcon dot' do aot of km's and ruc is bitch anyone share sim experiences !

msigg, Sep 25, 8:08am
keep what you've got thats the cheapest option, you usually loose money when swapping one for another.

franc123, Sep 26, 9:35am
If you aren't doing a lot of urban km's you will find that a large car actually represents pretty good buying at the moment.People seem to forget that what goes in the tank is often the cheap part of motoring and instead shell out thousands to change over to something that might be less expensive to fuel without thinking about what the transaction has cost them!At present upsizing to large might make sense for you.

carly26, Sep 26, 9:39am
We looked into this when petrol was around the $2.20 mark. We have a ford Falcon and looked at buying a diesel car. There are alot of hidden extras with diesels, apart from RUC's etc it is also more expensive to register them! We worked out that to save a few dollars a week in fuel we would be spending alot more on RUC's and registration. It was a no brainer and we have kept the Ford,

bcbuilding, Sep 26, 10:11am
I went the other way.

1 Apr2010 - 1 Oct 2010 $2493Petrol 3L Mitsi challenger 4x4.
1 Oct 2010 - 1 Apr 2011 $2267.Diesel 2.5T Mitsi L300.

Pretty even really.Like franc said I lost on the changeover, but I expected to.

The L300 did 13555 kms,the challenger 12037, both dragged a trailer at times and were usually full of gear.The majority of the k's were open road - probably 70% or more.

Had a Falcon before the challenger, would have kept it but couldn't fit the tools on the back seat.

mrcat1, Sep 26, 11:48am
Unless you are doing more than 40-50,000 km's a year and towing very heavy trailers then petrol is still cheaper. The cost of rego, RUC and servicing kills a diesel till you start doing high milages a year.

stevo2, Sep 26, 5:41pm
Here is a spreadsheet that will give you all the comparisons you need. Just add the current price of fuels, rego etc along with your expected annual mileage.
Thanks to Jazz for his webpage.

jkm, Sep 26, 7:14pm
Really need a turbo diesel to get the power, and the filling nozzle handles are always greasy coated in diesel.

mrfxit, Sep 26, 10:03pm
Diesel servicing costs depend a lot on who's doing it.
For the average mum/dad vehicle getting it done at a garage, it will be an expensive vehicle compared to the same size petrol.

I do 95% of my own servicing so that cuts the costs down a lot.
just surfing through a few google links would suggest the AA report is about right for the average 'joe blogg's" person

mike77, Sep 27, 2:01am
Had the same conumdrum, buying a 4x4 vehicle.
sorted my own calculator, owned a diesel for a short time, doing my own servicing, for my uses, and the difference was roughly $100 every 10,000kms.
But for the small amount of extra the petrol I use,it's just easier to live with, and better spread of power off road.
But each to there own, would of had a diesel as well, but couldn't find a good one in my price range.Plenty of non thrashed petrols to choose from. Then the only saving would of been if the speedo broke.
The falcon does the towing anyway.

mike77, Sep 27, 2:11am
Careful that petrol vs diesel spreadsheet, will probably end up telling ya to buy a passat!
And you have no idea what assumptions are used in it.

I had looked at different options depending on licencing for different classes, goods vehicle (ute), 4wd, passenger, the difference weight labels (small differences) the actual costs of servicing - garage or self, new or old vehicles (different servicing cost),

mrfxit, Sep 27, 10:16am
In all this, everybody has missed to biggest point.
What is it going to be used for!

I use my Surf for a town car/ tow vehicle/ load freighter/ junk carter/ dog carrier/ sleepout/ family bus/ rubbish truck / scrap truck/ long distance get there & back cheaper/ "eye dea ten tea" stay out of my way %$$@# tool& a few inbetween.

r15, Nov 28, 11:53am
diesel.even if somehow you dont save money it still feels better not spending more than $80 at the pump

if you do much towing diesel fast becomes cheaper