Holden Rodeo LT 2005 noise from clutch!

rhonda211, Sep 25, 1:54am
Hi, we have a noise coming from clutch (I think), it sounds like a whine from a bearing. It goes away when clutch is depressed, only happens in neutral and we can't hear it when driving. Any ideas as to what could be causing this!

whynot7, Sep 25, 2:18am
thrust bearing maybe

crzyhrse, Sep 25, 2:29am
Why even post if you don't have a clue! If it goes away when the clutch is depressed the one thing it certainly isn't is the release bearing.

OP, it's most likely the gearbox input shaft bearing.

a.woodrow, Sep 25, 3:09am
Release bearing noise WILL go away when you depress the clutch, also it is a common fault on the rodeos, saw this regularly when I worked for Holden

crzyhrse, Sep 25, 3:55am
Release bearings don't contact anything spinning for them to MAKE a noise until the clutch is depressed.

a.woodrow, Sep 25, 4:11am
Like I said, common fault with rodeo. and when you put them under load i.e. depress the clutch, the noise goes away. We replaced many under warranty

whynot7, Sep 25, 5:12am
i have a clue. so does #6

dent, Sep 25, 6:55am
are they are normal push clutch or pull clutch!

dent, Sep 26, 10:27am
ummm subarus had pull clutches I think ull find.

spottie, Nov 20, 1:17pm
Some trust bearing do make contact with the clutch constantly.