1999 Subaru WRX Roof scoop/vent mod

trbngrdude, Sep 27, 5:52am
Am looking at putting a roofscoop/vent on a WRX. Genuine RA vent kits are a tad pricey so am looking at a cheaper alternative and would like your opinions/advice.
I have a rally style scoop to go over top of it so just need the vent latch etc for the inside.
Would using a truck cab vent be a viable option!
Any other ideas!

1nvestor, Sep 27, 6:45am
a vl walkinshaw scoop would look good

fordcrzy, Sep 27, 6:45am

trbngrdude, Sep 27, 6:49am
I said WRX, not shitbox skyline :P

rocker_553, Sep 27, 8:13am
Watch out, Scotty will try and burn you for that comment!

gilligan2, Sep 27, 8:26am
Why would you want one op! they snap off if you go over 80kph. lol. Plus you will have to take out the map lights etc. Spend the money on a dccds gearbox instead.

gilligan2, Sep 27, 8:28am
They don't actually snap off every time you go over 80kph. But they do say not to open them over 80kph.Not worth getting. Unlike a dccds gearbox.

trbngrdude, Nov 26, 11:45am
A DCCD would be awesome, but sadly not in my budget at this time