Subaru 96 wrx wagon vacuum lines

almosttherenow, Nov 12, 4:09am
Hi guys I have wagon I picked up with the engine half removed. any way Ive pulled the engine done the head gaskets etc. engines back in but I cant work out where the vacuum lines are ment to be from the wastegate regulator, wastegate actuator. in let on the front of the snail of the turbo and bov. they are all little lines. does anyone have a standard set up they could take a picture of and put up for me please. Cheers in advance.

almosttherenow, Nov 12, 4:14am
this is the closest I have found,6549.0.htmlBut its not quite right.

hijacka, Nov 12, 4:35am
Does yours run a under manifold intake pipe or a 90'' bend off the turbo!

almosttherenow, Nov 12, 4:44am
90 off the turbo.

hijacka, Nov 12, 5:03am
So you will have 3 lines coming off the electronic controller. the bottom line pointing downwards on the controller goes into the bottom of the black intake box(the part between the AFM and 90'' bend) there's a pipe on the bottom rh side where you connect the hose where it bleeds thru.
The middle pipe feeds directly into the turbo actuator. and the top pipe to intake manifold.
If the pipe off the black box is broken you could bung it up or plastic weld it and just vent the bleed off. hope that helps

almosttherenow, Nov 12, 5:30am
Cool that makes sense cheers. what about the nipple on the front of the turbo inlet side and the bov vacuum hose!

hijacka, Nov 12, 5:39am
Actually the air line off the turbo comp housing goes to the top part of the controller:).The bov line goes to inlet manifold after throttle body

almosttherenow, Nov 12, 6:28am
Minta! Hi 5s for Hijacka. algood now just gotta code 21 coming up for temp sensor Probably the dodgey looking sender unit I seen when it was out . Thanks heaps mate Ive got both thumbs up for ya. Cheers.

hijacka, Feb 21, 8:41am
*Hi 5* Thats good to here, let me know if you need another temp sensor ive got a few lying around good luck:)