Wrx new clutch still shudders?

anythingfast, Nov 10, 4:09am
is this norm! will it 'bed in' or something!

jummybuffett, Nov 10, 4:24am
was the flywheel machined!

anythingfast, Nov 10, 5:12am
yep it sure was

jummybuffett, Nov 10, 5:17am
if its not a heavy duty clutch,my guess would be someonemightnot have lined up the friction disc 100%and forced the box on

carmedic, Nov 10, 5:23am
Is the judder exactly the same as it was prior to fitting the new clutch!
Was is a full 3 part clutch kit!

panicky, Nov 10, 5:25am
does it shudder on release! or going around corners!I have seen a bellhousing on one of these crack and cause a shudder, was only obvious when loaded up on release.

anythingfast, Nov 10, 5:30am
thanks panicky, looking into it

franc123, Feb 14, 5:50pm
Loose and/or stuffed engine mounts are also a potential cause of clutch judder.