Difference between diesel & petrol

jussa, Sep 26, 12:54am
new theory behind why my car isnt starting. i think the man accidentally put diesel in. although hes not admitting it, i want to go find out myself but dont know how. is there a difference in colour or consistency that i can go determine myself!

jussa, Sep 26, 12:59am
ok so i read that i can tell my burning a bit of it.petrol wil ignite rapidly but diesel will take a while longer.might give that a go.

either way. if my theory is correct does it take much to sort this out. i mean can i just flush it out and all will be well or am i looking at something more intricate. involving a lot of $

steampunkwilly, Sep 26, 1:46am
A simple test is to pour a little of the fuel onto your fingers, and rub the fuel between thumb and finger. Diesel fuel will feel oily where gasoline is not oily.

Did you go out and burn yourself already! If"the man" has put diesel in your car it is up to him to get it out at his expense. Then just refill with petrol and you're away. No special servicing/cleaning required.

mrcat1, Sep 26, 6:24am
You may find that by just putting a rag in the filler cap and setting it alight will burn the fuel out of the fuel tank.

40wav, Sep 26, 8:19am
Be very careful with 'advice' like this. Some people don't know any better.

mrcat1, Sep 26, 10:25am

jussa, Sep 26, 6:45pm
yup some people. who cant see the logic in it. I however can see the why this wouldnt be ideal.
therefor instead of putting a rag in, ive put a candle into the fuel holey thingy. and lit it. that way it will slow burn.and if it continutes to slow burn it will be diesel right!

richard198, Sep 26, 9:00pm
"It takes a lot longer to get up North.the slow way."

kiwicon, Nov 23, 1:09am
smell it. if it smells like petrol, then chances are. it's petrol, else it is diesel.

Just pull the fuller hose from the tank, dump the lot and start with a fresh batch. you'll be right