Subaru twin turbo

randomtrader2, Oct 2, 4:57am
what turbo do i replace the primery turbo with. is there a better turbo i can put in place of that one

NZTools, Oct 2, 5:01am
Depends which subaru twin turbo. Either way, there is nothing wrong with the origionals, although turbo-back bigbores kill them from overspeed. Keep the pipe from the turbo to the cat the stock size, and they last well.

randomtrader2, Oct 2, 5:07am
its a 96 gtb wagon

randomtrader2, Oct 2, 5:09am
yep its standard to the cat just a big bore tip what are the standard turbo's

randomtrader2, Oct 2, 5:10am
lol i think thats a wee bit out of my budget

jason18, Oct 2, 5:51am
Im guessing yours is the VF18/19 turbo. The Vf18 will be the primary

randomtrader2, Dec 2, 12:55pm
cool thanks heaps a.