Stolen Rally Car Subaru Impreza DNT 48

dboon, Oct 2, 6:30pm
Saturdaynight had loaded up the rally car to go to the sprint at Otaki this morning, and some low life , took the van complete with trailer and rally car Thanks to some wonderful people in Wellington we located the van and trailer by 10:00 this morning a few beers on the way to him, We have put an ad on under specialist cars on TM for the recovery of it , but if any one sees the car , Sorry it seems I can't put contact details in.So I'll try this, thanks to everyone out there for their offers of help and support.

fryan1962, Oct 2, 6:35pm
facebook also has great stolen car site great for nz cars,sorry to hear your news.

dboon, Oct 2, 6:49pm
Thanks I'll look in to it.I know it has gone out to a lot of the car clubs ones.

fryan1962, Oct 2, 9:50pm
After write-ting this I got a call from auntie,someone broke into cousin's house stole keys, cousin's husband found fat woman trying to start there car at 2am
he dragged her out of the car and had a fight she made a getaway with her driver 2am this morning

dboon, Oct 2, 10:09pm
They broke the van window and hot wired the van, we should have boxed it in, the site they left the trailer and van at isn't well known, so we are thinking they are locals and they hid the set of rally tires behind a building, so we got them back and the police think they may be able to get fingerprints off them , just the way you pick them up by the rims, leaves very clear marks.also prints off the van, Fingers crossed, no pun intended.I would probably have a go at any one breaking into a car now.

modie61, Oct 2, 11:47pm
Have you done an area search around your area ! Have you looked at the old nurses hospital on Alexander Road,drive around it,just a thought,it has been used before for stripping cars thats all,fairly well hidden.

mone, Oct 2, 11:56pm
Good Luck.We had a clear face photo and video of the guy who stole my car.Given to us by parking security. Handed it to police, they said they will keep it on file.Its now 5 years, still haven't heard from cops.Car theft is very low on their priority list.

All they had to do was put the picture on a local newspaper or on their website, public would have identified him within hours.The guy is prob living in Aus now.

modie61, Oct 2, 11:59pm
mone,why dont you do the advertising yourself,ive seen it done in our local paper.

dboon, Oct 3, 12:58am
Will check out Alexander Rd,we run our local sprint up there andknow it well.
Motorsport people are fantastic, we have had , so many calls from people that know the car and /or us , if it's not spotted it's got to be in bits some where.

modie61, Oct 3, 1:00am
Yea we all know how much time goes into these cars,so when someone steals them,we are not too happy,good luck.All our eyes are open for it.

modie61, Oct 3, 1:04am
Might have given you a bum steer there,i mean the old fever hospital,do you know the one i mean ! They made some of the Tangiwai film there last year.

dboon, Oct 3, 1:06am
Must admit the police have been great , once we explained that it was like a boy racer car as far as noise goes X 3, we have sent photos to them of it.They were with the van and trailer at 10:00, 4 hours after we found it missing, about an hour after it had been reported
Maybe Wellington police are just really good.

dboon, Oct 3, 1:08am
I didn't want to correct you, I do the door knocking for the car club event we hold up there every year, so I knew where you meant
It was a great film.

modie61, Oct 3, 1:10am
Haha Wgton police have a real good car squad. Enthusiasts themselves i reckon.

modie61, Oct 3, 1:11am
Yea sorry bout that,i must have been dreaming about nurses or something foolish like that. Lol.

dboon, Oct 3, 1:17am
I have to let them know about our events, funny thing is if ,any thing goes wrong a couple or more cars show up.
I'm going to take the Rotti for a walk today, she doesn't mind the rain, might just go up Mt Vic

dboon, Oct 3, 1:34am
modie61, was it Sister slippers you were dreaming about, I think she is floating around up there or so the story goes.

modie61, Oct 3, 1:38am
Now i will never sleep. Its a scary place that, ive been inside,it sends a shiver up your spine. And no,its not what i was dreaming about.So there.

fryan1962, Oct 3, 6:10am

mellisa2000, Oct 3, 6:40am
It is such a shame there's not a free "Stolen Car" section within this MB, as well as other "Stolen!." Threads on other MB's. TM have nothing to lose but maybe gain some respect.
#1, Will look out Thames/Hauraki way, but hey good luck.

fryan1962, Dec 6, 5:17pm
That facebook page is pretty good. They get heaps back