What tyre pressure for

likit, Oct 6, 4:38am
a Ford Courier ute with 185 R14 gt radials,thanks.

mrfxit, Oct 6, 4:44am
Depends partly on exact model & year
Base pressures

32psi front
28psi rear

Moderate to fully loaded

35psi all round

likit, Oct 6, 4:47am
2002 T/Diesel,they are commercial tyres & I'm sure my son said when he went to check them they were showing over 60 on gauge

mrfxit, Oct 6, 5:09am
Whewww, must have been 1 heck of a load on the tray

mrfxit, Oct 6, 5:16am
Would still stick close to my suggestion.
Upwards of 40psi for fully laden (saggy bum load)
Maybe 35psi front depending on how the tyres wear & how it feels.

Partly also depends on where & how you drive.

Theres a few varibles to consider but the above is a good basis to start with.

I have a Hilux Surf on 265/70/15" AT's
Some ppl insist on 35 to 42psi for teh same vehicle & tyres but my surf runs well & has very minimal wear at 38psi all round

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 5:26am
When I first started out in the trade, it was my job to load up the workshop trailer with scrap metal. when done the rims would be sitting on the ground due to weight, I would just pump up with air to get the metal rim off the ground usually 60-70psi. (on boss's instructions)
PS don't forget to let the air out again when unloaded

fryan1962, Oct 6, 5:32am
has very minimal wear at 38psi all round,,,mr fix it .for me 38psi is good as well

unbeatabull, Oct 6, 5:45am
We run 36-38 PSI in the couriers we service at work. In fact pretty much all modern Ford Vehicles are around that pressure range

mrfxit, Oct 6, 5:48am
Same vehicle & tyres .huh!
Yea, 2 years ago, I fitted 2 tyres on the back with about 2 maybe 2.5mm of tread, been all over the north island/ part way down the south island & clocked up about 15000kms.
Blimin bridgestones are still about 2mm.
Fronts the same depth & wear rate but a harder compound & different brand.

mrfxit, Oct 6, 5:51am
Whats the km's you get out of your fleets tyres & what part of the tyres wears out the most 1st.
Do you get a lot of center wear on the back

unbeatabull, Dec 11, 11:03pm
We don't tend to, we rotate tyres every service though which could minimise it. We get the odd one that carries a lot of heavy stuff around which wears the tyres a bit harder but generally they were pretty evenly.

Centre wear is generally caused by too high pressures though