Tyre pressure. 93 bighorn 31l intercooled with 245 70 16 tyres on what tyre pressure should they be for the front and rear if th

craigie, Jan 18, 8:58am
93 bighorn 3.1l intercooled with 245 70 16 tyres on what tyre pressure should they be for the front and rear if they should be diffrent have had lots of so called tyre experts tell me lots of pressures.

mrfxit, Jan 18, 9:13am
88 Hilux surf on 31/10.5/15"
Similar weight & mine wear well at 38psi all round mainly road use
Tyres had approx 3mm 18 months ago & done something like 25,000kms since with no real noticable change to the depth

jasongroves, Jan 18, 9:27am
30psi front, 34psi rear according to Autodata.
Of course, it will depend on load, type of driving etc etc.
Will most likely be a sticker inside the door jamb with tyre details.unless its worn off of course;)

vr4_legnum, Jan 18, 9:55am
dont go off that your door sticker or autodata.

Dont run 30-34psi in a 4wd, it way way to low for it and make your tyres wear on the sides.

Run 38-40psi all around.

Better still go to a tyre shop and ask them cause they know what they be talking about, not like half people on here.

jono2912, Jan 18, 10:09am
Would you like some toilet paper!

nzfatie, Jan 18, 10:17am
Yep 40 psi all round is fine. It won't wear the middle of the tyre, just makes the ride a little firmer and the handling better - no squealing tyres! Tyre companies only recommend 28-32 psi coz they want to sell more tyres. Tyres lose 1 psi per month through the rubber and with many people forgetting to check them, after 6 months they're down to 22-26 psi and wearing down the outsides of the tyre = fail next WOF and replace tyre! I've lost count of the number of people I see driving around on under-inflated tyres! 40 psi also reduces fuel use (lower rolling resistance) and lightens the steering. If you have a front wheel drive, you can even go to 45 psi in the front.

jasongroves, Jan 18, 10:32am
Yeah, why listen to the manufacturer when you can head into your local tyre shop and ask the guy with 4 hours training on a wheel balancer and computerised alignment machine!
Coz obviously they will be much more well informed.

jasongroves, Jan 18, 10:34am
Which FWD! Any and all! Any wheel/tyre combo! Awesome.Oh yeah, what happens when you drive continuously on over inflated tyres!

vr4_legnum, Jan 18, 6:11pm
I argee.

manufacturer recommend low pressure for ride and how quiet it be on the road. not for tyre life. seen it before when people have listening to the manufacturer and not us but hey at the end of the day it mean they buying tyre sooner then later, then better for tyre shops.

@ jasongroves maybe you should go and drive a bighour or surf so somethink like that with under under inflated tyres and see how that goes for you, and then put them up to 38-40psi and see how much better it drives.

craigie, Jan 18, 6:26pm
thanks for your help everybody cheers craigie

mrfxit, Jan 19, 2:07am
LOL . so 18 months of running low tread warrentable tyres on a heavy 4x4 with little to no noticable difference in tread wear & all over large parts of NZ, counts for nothing!


carkitter, Jan 8, 12:59pm

Tyres have a maximum inflation pressure stamped on the sidewall. Often it's 36psi, for performance tyres it can be 40psi. I would be exceeding the tyre manufacturer's specs - they know their tyre's construction and capability better than 'internet experts'. Higher pressures are dangerous in the rain, lower pressures provide more grip on slippery surfaces.

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