Tire pressure

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a.woodrow, Oct 5, 9:53pm
I run 65psi to stop tyre wear on the edges

northernfist, Oct 5, 11:07pm
What's the lowest tire pressure you can go with 215/45R17 tires!

moosie_21, Oct 5, 11:10pm
Depends how much more gas you want your car to guzzle.

Check on the sidewalls for pressure rating.

carkitter, Oct 6, 12:11am
Don't listen to these armchair experts, especially the one who thinks steel belts are found in the sidewalls of car tyres(they're not).

The pressures are set according to the size of the tyre and the volume of air required to carry the weight on that corner, ie: a fwd car needs more pressure in the front these and a fully loaded s/w needs more pressure all round,especially at the rear.

Use the recommended settings, if you can't find them the rule of thumb is 30psi all round.

vtecintegra, Oct 6, 12:16am
My car with factory 215/55R17s recommends 200kpa (~29psi) all round.

I've found I get uneven wear leaving them that low though, 32-34 seems to work much better

bellky, Oct 6, 12:25am
yes as above - TYRE pressures in mid 30s is good

rob_man, Oct 6, 12:30am
Tyre it is. I saw a sticker saying Drury Tires on a car the other day. I thought to myself, does it!

thejazzpianoma, Oct 6, 12:35am
Are you filling with the tyres hot or cold!
If hot (like most people) your 32-34 is probably the factory recommended 29 anyway.
Even things like whether you did your testing in summer/winter hot day or cold day can have an affect as can where the car comes from (The manual can be written with a hot/cold climate in mind).
Sorry if I am telling you how to suck eggs.

scotthurst01, Oct 6, 12:45am
How many year old threads you going to bump back to the top!

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 12:46am
I've stopped now, but it was interesting to see that most people carried on and didn't even notice :)

scotthurst01, Oct 6, 12:47am
I bet.that's why they remove them from General after 45 days.

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 12:56am

scotthurst01, Oct 6, 12:59am
Have you tried it in Parenting. they always love a good laugh.

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 12:59am
And I didn't waste your time, the post you responded to was made today

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 12:59am
no way mate they are feral in there!

male_timaru, Oct 6, 1:40am
my rule of thumb is 4psi COLD from the max pressure

vtecintegra, Oct 6, 1:47am
Cold, the servo is only just down the road.

On a related note the gauges at service stations are all over the place. best to bring your own.

craig04, Oct 6, 1:48am
Yes. He is a sad little person

a.woodrow, Oct 6, 1:49am
touche - but you only get to use it once (unless I am being a sad little person lol)

bill-robinson, Oct 6, 2:28am
14.8 psi. they will look flat but that is about it.

meathead_timaru, Oct 6, 2:31am
I'm presuming that's absolute, not gauge.

kiwicon, Oct 6, 2:34am
anywhere between 15 and 40

sctoyota, Oct 6, 3:00am
if you run any less than 34 psi in a tyre of that size it will wear faster if not destroy itself from inside out.

johnf_456, Oct 6, 3:29am
Very helpful

vr4_legnum, Oct 6, 4:30am
38psi all around!