Mitsubishi ASX Diesel

yogibearz, Oct 7, 12:00am
Had the chance to drive one of these hard ona windy road. Very impressive 4wd ,Diesel turbo,6 spd manual. A great bit of fun if you can afford it.

phillip.weston, Oct 7, 12:33am
yep their new diesels are sourced from PSA so now you can have euro-diesel performance with reasonably reliable Japanese build quality.

ezekiel67, Oct 7, 3:36am
I've also driven one and was very impressed with the performance, styling is questionable but the engine was great. MIVEC diesel.

dan35, Oct 7, 5:26am
Apparently the new 1.8 diesel in the ASX is Mitsubishis own, and yes it is a very impressive drive. Have done 100km + on gravel road in one and it was a real treat.

savanna71, Dec 15, 5:09pm
Correct the 4N13 is Mitsubishis own engine, and i agree the vehicle and powertrain combo are an excellent match.