Car jerking when starting off in low gear

tigadee, Oct 5, 6:38pm
Since Monday, my 1994 V6 Ford Telstar TX5 has started jerking when I start off from stop in 1st and 2nd gears. Try as hard as I can to balance the clutch and gas but it still does it.

When not in gear and I press on the accelerator, the engine revs smoothly. When in 3rd or higher gear, there is no jerkiness. Is it the sparks! Air filter! Clutch! The car just passed WOF last Saturday and I just had the timing belt replaced, and the car has some body work done a week ago. Sheesh! My wallet's taking a real beating this month! :-[

franc123, Oct 5, 6:55pm
HT leads are buggered mostl likely, the insulation breaks down and they short to the heads.Common problem.

tigadee, Oct 5, 7:04pm
HT leads! Ahhh, plug or ignition leads. OK, thanks!

tigadee, Oct 5, 8:19pm
Nope, not the HT leads or sparks. Now the car won't even start.

a.woodrow, Oct 5, 8:23pm
Hmm considering the cambelt just replaced as per you're other thread, maybe you should get the mechanic to look at it!

tigadee, Oct 5, 8:56pm
He is looking at it now and I am waiting to hear from him. I just hope it's not a major issue. As I mentioned before in the other thread, I've had some big bills these past four weeks and it's killing me.

budgel, Oct 5, 9:58pm
Funerals are expensive too!

tigadee, Oct 5, 10:10pm
Too right!

Well, looks like it's the bloody distributor. That's another $400+. Makes a total of $800 this week, $210 last week for a full service and WOF, and $1,100 the week before for panel beater to fix front bumper and paint.


smac, Oct 5, 10:21pm
Distributor! What exactly is wrong with it! Sounds suspiciously like a mech throwing parts at an undiagnosed problem. Get some sort of assurance that if it doesn't fix the problem you don't pay.

eagles9999, Oct 5, 10:38pm
The fault is because you only paid $299 +GST for the cambelt change

tigadee, Oct 5, 10:52pm
Smac - Will do, thanks. He said he'd done quite some testing and found the distributor was not supplying to the ignition.

Eagles9999 - Uuuuuh, you mean I paid too much or too little!

mm12345, Oct 5, 10:55pm
Doesn't really sound like a distributor problem to me - but it could be of course. I'd be looking for a loose hose or something leaking on the intake system, or the MAF sensor which was a known issue on some Mazdas of about that vintage.

tigadee, Oct 5, 11:19pm
Thanks for the advice.

Noel from Cartronics is very sure it's the distributor. This morning the problem got worse, even in 4th and 5th gear on the motorway. It felt as if the car was threatening to turn off but doesn't.

un_known, Dec 18, 5:05pm
disty is a common fault on those cars, wouldnt buy a replacement though its the same design so who knows when it will fail. You can switch it over to the external coil setup used on the import 626/mx6 for cheap if you get the parts from a junkyard.Google MX6 HEI mod and you'll be able to find some instructions.