Gear puller

rednsr, Oct 11, 5:07am
Is there anyone on here that has one that I can borrow! In Auckland.

crzyhrse, Oct 11, 5:09am
Gear or harmonic balancer puller! (given this is 'motoring').

rednsr, Oct 11, 5:12am
Either or will do. Unless you have a flywheel puller for an nsr 250!

crzyhrse, Oct 11, 5:17am
That would be better done with a balancer puller. I doubt you'd get a gear puller's legs in behind it.

I presume there are threaded holes in the front!

rednsr, Oct 11, 5:19am
Yes 27mm hole in the flywheel then crank shaft. There is about ten mm behind the flywheel between it and the engine.

crzyhrse, Oct 11, 5:21am

rednsr, Oct 11, 5:22am
Yeah Had a look there but can get them overnight from red baron/ haldanes etc. But I need the bike going by tommorow morning and the batterys flat.

rednsr, Dec 28, 6:17pm
Got to swap the stator coil over from one parts bike to my road worthy bike.