Aluminum boat

shane.64, Oct 28, 10:55am
Would anybody know what paint and sealer to use under riveted aluminum boat !

bigracket, Oct 28, 11:31am
Nothing is your best option.

pollymay, Oct 28, 1:08pm
If rivets are leaking then fill it with water and see which ones it leaks out, mark them all then drill and refit the rivets.

big.b-lil.c, Oct 28, 4:04pm
use crc brush on under sealer from repco. if you are planning on using the boat on a river or lake it should be ok to buzz around in. remember life jackets.if you plan on going to sea forget it, sell it for scrap and start saving for a new one. i may sound like a harsh a-hole saying that but people die every year in boats that were not sinking when they set off.

grangies, Oct 28, 6:53pm
It should be sanded with 150grit, and heavily scothbrited around all the riverts by hand.

Then acid washed with a suitible phosphoric acid and thouroughly rinsed with water.

Then you MUST apply something like this. Once that etch has set the chouce of primers and top coats are really up to you. But if you do not etch the aluminum properly as a first coating then you paint will not stick what so ever.

This here is another system that can be used. It is rather pricey though!

As far as seam sealant goes. Have a browse through the 3M and Holdfast websites as there's quite a few different options.

johnf_456, Oct 28, 8:21pm
more like from nongs that fail to engage a brain that a boat is filling up with water which is why you always carry good communication gear, bailer/bucket etc.

crzyhrse, Oct 28, 10:33pm
I concur.

owene, Oct 29, 11:26am
The bloke asked for paint advice, not a bloody lecture about water safety!

mk3zephyr, Jan 15, 8:40pm
Hahahahaha good stuff, No but in all seriousness if you want a sealer for Aluminum then you would probably only be able to get it from the U.S. or Canada. sealer for Aluminium in NZ on the other hand is quite commonly avaliable