Light on dash borad with a red battery!

megan23, Nov 15, 8:52am
we have a Mitsubishi Legnum and the light on dash board is on all the time it is a red battery light help help

rlr29, Nov 15, 8:55am
Sell it now.

megan23, Nov 15, 8:56am
why is that !

mugenb20b, Nov 15, 8:57am

megan23, Nov 15, 8:58am
that is not hard to fix!

mugenb20b, Nov 15, 9:01am
The belt is, but if it's the alternator, it will need to get rebuilt or get a second hand one.

thunderbolt, Nov 15, 9:04am
p.s. until you know for sure, STOP DRIVING IT.

mugenb20b, Nov 15, 9:07am
Oh, and no point editting your first post when the title is already knackered.

the_don_61, Nov 15, 9:07am
Check water level in battery.If its low it will not charge.light will come on.

mugenb20b, Nov 15, 9:09am
You might as well tell her to check if the car has a tow bar. The result will be the same either way.

redmouse, Nov 15, 9:18am
Just put a wee bit of tape over it, problem solved for just a few cents.

bae13, Nov 15, 9:32am
Ha ha that's funny mugen20b
It's either got a faulty alternator, missing belt,blowen main fuse able linkdue to jump starting it wrong (polarity crossed)cos the battery is faulty

bmwnz, Nov 15, 9:43am
Some might say because it has the 3 diamonds . no good can come of that, I tell you. You're all doomed. Doomed!

jono2912, Nov 15, 9:53am
Or the alternator fuse is missing/blown

megan23, Nov 16, 5:17am
it was the one on there now
thanks guys

mugenb20b, Mar 8, 12:45pm
You either have a stuffed alternator, or a missing alternator belt.