1996 falcon airbag light on.

friendly_prawn, Nov 17, 3:10am
could it be an easy fix, or could it be expensive!

a.woodrow, Nov 17, 3:20am
Well could be either - depends on the reason the light came on, more so than the fact that the light is in fact on - if you can pick up what I'm laying down

a.woodrow, Nov 17, 3:30am
Well if you were really keen, take it to an auto sparky for diagnosis. if its going to be expensive, use it as a reason to knock the price down. don't forget you'll need a new radiator too!

friendly_prawn, Nov 17, 3:36am
That would be good advice ifthe car was local.

crzyhrse, Nov 17, 3:38am
Radiator light will just be the level switch - they're flakey. Airbag, probably just had a flat battery and is registering the low voltage from thatevent as a fault.

friendly_prawn, Nov 17, 3:57am
Im guessing the owner would have looked in to it himself. Probably why he's selling. Too expensive to repair.Other wise he probably would have sorted and bumped the price up. Those utes are worth abit more than he's asking.

crzyhrse, Nov 17, 4:09am
Possibly. But so many people are just so lazy they won't even wash a car before attempting to sell it.

It's an easy thing to check and clear the codes.

s.patete, Nov 17, 4:18am
Check the fuse box, my light is on but only because my reverse light fuse has blown. I replace the fuse and the light goes away, they must use it as a warning light to let you know somethings not right.Mine keeps blowing though havnt investigated it yet so just leave it on and dont have reverse lights.I think it might be a bad earth after I installed head unit but cant be bothered checking connections.

franc123, Nov 17, 4:37am
Geeze what a mess, OK its cheap for what it is but it gives the impression of being a scruffy bag of mysteries thats been knocked around and had very little if anything spent on it and is ready to be offloaded onto somebody else.You'd be wanting to find out a hell of a lot more about it before buying.

friendly_prawn, Nov 17, 4:50am

too far away to spend time and money investigating, added to that the air bag COULD be expensive.Not worth the hassle to me. Better to spend good $ and save myself the hassle.
Im prepared to wait, something will come uplocally.

nave12, Nov 17, 6:17am
Yeah i would keep looking.

mellisa2000, Nov 17, 11:07am
SRS light Easily fixed, Radiator holed, if alloy, can't repair. Has it cooked the engine! Far too rough though, even for that money. Funny Comments " Was told it's a straight 6." etc.
Keep looking.

alan1111, Nov 17, 6:22pm
Easy to turn the light of only takes 30 seconds. Yes probably a blown fuse but the does not turn the light of you have to clear the 2 codes. Ford dealers charge around $120.00 to clear the codes they tell you they need to hook up a computer to do it what bullshit.I must of in my time turned of over 150 airbag lights. All you need is a small split pin and acces the computer joining plug. Top left lug and 4th from left at top turn the key on join those 2 lugs and wait for a beep then turn key of. Do it twice and your lights of.Just saved you $120.00

justcruisin, Mar 17, 7:16pm
airbag light will flash soon after ignition is turned on, count the long then the short flashes and let us know, more likely it'll be 53 or 54 cant quite recall.its an easy fix