What's with the tyre companies!

welshdude, Jan 17, 3:20am
They're always phasing out tyres. Whenever I need a tyre or two, I can't get the same model. I've now got three different tyres on my car. They should have a basic range they maintain for years!

twink19, Jan 17, 3:28am
most major brands keep the same pattern for some time, usually only the cheap imports that change all the time

welshdude, Jan 17, 3:36am
Bridgestone and Dunlop are the ones I'm talking about. I don't buy the cheap cheap tyres.

cocabowla, Jan 17, 3:42am
if you can afford to buy a spare set you could store them in a cool dark place till you need them.

jason18, Jan 17, 3:59am
Yeah Bloody dunlop phased out my valiants tires so cant just get them!

franc123, Jan 17, 5:23am
They do, they're called Supercats lol.Much of the reason why they are obsolete so quickly is that research and development departments have to be kept busy, its no different to the car manufacturers themselves and especially applies to the electronics industry.By the time you've bought it a replacement is already under development or even in production.Amazingly enough if tyres are kept at the correct pressure and balance, the alignment is correct and they are rotated regularly it largely eliminates the need to replace one or two before the others.Often the patterns are sold as cheaper brands or even sold to other companies and you can still get them, you need to get hold of someone knowledgeable in the industry who knows whats what and doesn't have a vested interest in selling you a complete new set of tyres (hard to come by!)

welshdude, Jan 17, 8:43pm
Funny you say that. I'm getting a Supercat today to replace a (now phased out) Bridgestone Techno 370 which suffered a blowout. I got the Techno 370's to replace Techno 350's which had been phased out. I also have Dunlop Steeltrack 70's and figured I would can the Bridgestones altogether and go Dunlop. Guess what - the Steeltrack 70's are no longer available!

socram, Jan 17, 9:07pm
Theoretically, the replacement tyres should be better, but we all know that newer isn't always better.

If you want a classic example of model changes, the 5 Canon compact digital cameras we have bought over the last 6 years all have different batteries and therefore need different battery chargers.

welshdude, Jan 1, 3:12pm
The guy at the tyre shop shared my disgust. He thinks new is not better, that the newer versions have thinner sidewalls.

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