Van suggestions

jono2912, Jan 16, 8:42am
Suggestions please:

Work hack
2k to spend
MUST have NO central locking, power window etc. (as will be done up into electrical show van)
Not looking to do motor work etc, so nothing crazy, lite ace etc would be fine.

What are your ideas!

scoobeey, Jan 16, 8:42am
2k goodluck:)

coolieo, Jan 16, 8:46am
i agree.with 2k you will end up with vans that have no life left in them.better spend more on something that is reliable.

franc123, Jan 16, 8:58am
trying not to be a broken record but if you want something mechanically sound you're going to have to up the budget.For that money you're looking at horrible old backpackers specials like 1990 (or even older) L300's, Hiaces and Econovans etc that are all stuffed.If you want a lack of electrical extras that pretty much knocks out most imports, good luck.

paradox15, Jan 17, 4:23am
Hey nothing wrong with the mitsi L300s lol they good skid vans. And good to drive.just cant thrash them too much.

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