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mrfxit, Jan 3, 5:06am
Doesn't work that way

Works more for age verses car brand/model

vtecintegra, Jan 3, 5:11am
One you probably wouldn't pick that has been bugging me lately - current generations Mazda 2s - had one merge into my lane around the Basin and one pull out right in front of me (at the Hataitai intersection near the Mt Vic tunnel) within half an hour yesterday and also noticed a few do daft things today.

I'm sure there is a certain amount of confirmation bias at work though :)

craigsmith, Jan 3, 5:12am

That is all.

socram, Jan 3, 5:16am
Around here it is an ethnic problem or an ethnic gender problem rather than the car.

berg, Jan 3, 6:11am
I can usually pick the driver by the condition of the car. People with clean tidy cars are in my experiance clean tidy drivers while people who drive knocked about 5hitheaps.

saki, Jan 3, 6:28am
Berg tell that to the countries top rally drivers.

rsr72, Jan 3, 7:56am
#1 - All People-movers.

pollymay, Jan 3, 8:06am
People movers
Old falcons with coloured fiends behind the wheel
Rav 4s
Honda CRVs
A lot of TVR drivers are cocks
Mercedes with young woman drivers (daddies gift car)
BMWs along the same lines as above
Mitsi VR4s with big chromes

And today a cop pulled out in front of me, flashed my lights and he just carried on ignoring me. So add to that list bright white, yellow and blue cop cars. Sometimes the assholes tailgate me with bright flashing lights, what's up with that!

clark20, Jan 3, 9:25am
Try driving around Howick in Auckland. Sometimes they actually stay in their lane.

sw20, Jan 3, 9:50am
I LOL'd.

Not only would they spend 364 days a year in the garage or workshop, but you could probably count the number of them in NZ on your fingers and toes.

Usually the drivers of cars that I notice that don't have clue what they are doing are the small SUVs.

rob_man, Jan 3, 9:50am
Boon movers.

rob_man, Jan 3, 10:02am
And the ones who feel the need to have those bloody fog lamps on when driving around town. They're NOT special and they don't impress other drivers. Mainly, YOU'RE not special if your car has them.

sr2, Jan 3, 10:51am
My favorite stereotypical automotive hate, (based purely on prejudice, bourbon and hastily jumping to conclusions) has to be the middle age crisis that goes along the lines of ???I??

clark20, Jan 3, 10:59am
And! Sorry I'm not self employed or a builder, and I can't afford a GT3. V8 Commodores are great value, and I am enjoying mine. What great automotive specimen do you drive on the road! Should I have brought another V6 Accord!

sw20, Jan 3, 11:14am
BMW drivers and their f$%king rear fog lights.

200sx, Jan 3, 11:18am
Polynesian drivers in diesel MPVs (running the mandatory 2 space savers) that give you abuse when you overtake them on the passing lane (after they have cruised at 85 for the previous 10kms then accellerate up to 120 for the "speed lane"). Cheer cuz.

sr2, Jan 3, 11:39am

carkitter, Jan 3, 11:41am
Hilux Surfs are the bane of my existence. I hate them with a passion!

They seem to be driven by people who think they are as fast as a Bugatti and can corner like an F1 car, yet I regularly chew them up and spit them out in my small budget-conscious car. These balloon-tyred behemoths like to inhabit the Nations passing lanes holding up traffic in a effort to prove some point about the drivers manhood.

The owners of these monstrosities seem to have no idea that SUV's roll over in 40% of accidents as they try to out corner just about anything, even the modified Sigma GSR Turbo I used to have prior to 2000. If you have one, please keep it off the open road over Xmas as they are a nuisance to other road users.

sr2, Jan 3, 11:58am
LOL +1

zak410, Jan 3, 12:26pm
if you can drive it doesn??

foxdonut, Jan 3, 12:48pm
Any Subaru driver is generally a retard and completely incapable of driving in a polite and dignified manner. Bonus points if they're in a Forester or Wagon.

VY Holden Commodore V6 drivers are usually halfwits who think they have the fastest thing on the tarmac as well, particularly if they drive a red one.

trouser, Jan 3, 6:44pm
Toyota estimas or honda odysseys. Do they hand these things out at the winz office or immigration after island flights or something! Gah.

trouser, Jan 3, 6:48pm
Mitsubishi cars in general but diamantes in particular. Either driven by the old and infirm or the terminally lazy. Invariably all emit huge amounts of smoke from the exhaust.

r15, Jan 3, 7:00pm
ever driven one!

i own one. and have owned many other cars, from supra's & silvias, altezzas to hiaces

the surf goes bloody well, and i usually find i am the one being held up on the hills, it will do 100 up all but the steepest of hills, or where corners wont allow such speeds, and even on corners it surprises me just how hard you can push it- no rollovers yet lol, it will understeer or oversteer (depending how you set it up for the corner) well before it tips over.

on the other hand i think the majority of OLD surf drivers (the 2.4's etc) usually fit your stereotype

sr2, Jan 3, 8:43pm
+1 (Far too early in the year to be getting precious).

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