Help Please Broken BMW 318ti

danl11, Jan 16, 7:29am
My hack has let me down and I'm just wondering if anybody on here can tell me what's up!

The engine is surging and discharging air around the fuel pump/inlet manifold area somewhere.
It was sitting in the hot sun all day and took a long time to start and backfired from the engine bay when I first tried to start it.
It seems to run okay at higher revs but I'm worried about driving it and I need it tomorrow.

Any help appreciated, Cheers!

berg, Jan 16, 7:46am
Sounds like a split vacum hose down there somewhere They are prone to this with a bit of age

danl11, Jan 16, 7:56am
Cool thanks!

danl11, Jan 16, 9:03pm
1995 318ti 1.8litre is about all I know, it won't even start now. Just backfires around the pump somewhere, strong petrol smell.

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