NZ Festival of motor racing celebrating Chris Amon

townie55, Jan 18, 10:33am
Went to Hampton Downs on Sunday and watched the bikes go around the track in the heat.Can't wait for this weekend and the following weekend for the Chris Amon series.Best event last year at HD by far when they celebrated Bruce McLaren.Be there this timeor miss out badly I say.

socram, Jan 18, 7:40pm
See you there Townie!Car is not 100% as there is a problem when driving the last corner, and not sure whether or not I have sorted it.Thrown in with sports racers again, so will be at the back of the field somewhere.

Not staying on site for weekend 1 but will be staying for weekend 2.

Haven't seen a full entry list yet but it should be good as should the Amon demo. Looking forward to seeing the V12 BRM.

A class for classic bikes this first weekend and they are replaced by a Muscle Car class for weekend 2.

A 'do not miss' event as a fair few overseas cars we don't usually see here, so good for my photographic library.

welshdude, Jan 18, 8:33pm
I'm there Saturday!

socram, Jan 18, 9:40pm
Entry lists are now up on the website - at last.Total of 300 racers per weekend, not 400.

Most grids are under 30, which is a bit of a surprise given that the grid limit for saloons/sports is 46.

Not sure whether that is deliberate, a lack of support or a purist attitude!

Smallest grids are super Historics (single seaters) and Tasman (also single seaters.) but the Tasman grid has some glorious cars!

Largest grids are 60's saloons, F5000 and Formula Ford.

34 Classic bikes for weekend 1 and 30 Muscle Cars for weekend 2.

Attrition may also knock a few out - as usual.

elect70, Jan 19, 2:55am
Should be goodbit ambitious running it 2 weekends in a row ,those F500 are a bit precious,cant go to localSC or ripco for parts lots of spannering last year& itwas only 1 weekend . HD sure trying to push the envelope .

twink19, Jan 19, 3:37am
socram, the reason for low grids in saloons is the attitude shown by organisers at the start, re their enty fees, they did lower them but by then the damage was done.

townie55, Jan 19, 5:31am
The fees were lowered from around $900 to $450 I think for the race entry fee.

twink19, Jan 19, 5:44am
that was after they had only a hand full of entries they lowered the fee to$500 + gst. last year we paid $450.00 for 2 week ends racing

townie55, Jan 19, 5:45am
Socram - the garage at HD is full.Come over and have a peak if you have a bit of spare time.

rsr72, Jan 19, 5:58am
Entry fees are far too high, still.

socram, Jan 6, 9:46am
Thanks Townie!Can't remember your location - so remind me at the weekend. Should have plenty of spare time as we are there all day - and our group is next to last - again.

The initial entry fee included a compulsory marquee at $300 + GST, but many local drivers told them in no uncertain terms that they wouldn't pay, so they then made it optional.Overall, for a prestige meeting, not really too over the top, but let's see if they let us in the stands this year.Drivers couldn't even hide under the stands out of the way of the sun last year.

Lot of spannering last year was cause by the incorecdt grade of fuel supplied on site and resulted in several wrecked engines.

Still haven't had any tickets or paperwork, which is a bit of a surprise, as it will be too late to pass on my spare tickets.Drivers can do documentation from 12.00 tomorrow but as we are so late running, I won't bother.No Wednesday evening meet and greet this year!

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