Ford Falcon AUX cable

richms, Jan 19, 11:18am
New headdeck isnt that price if you want to keep steering wheel controls or if it is integrated into the dash or has the guts of the keyless entry or other systems built into it as is quite common.

Im not sure how bad the falcons are for thwarting putting in a proper stereo, but I know some of the older european fords were a total bitch for it with the normal way to get stuff working to be leaving the old headdeck inside the dash and moving the speaker wires to the new one.

tradingfreak360, Dec 12, 10:41pm
I am thinking of getting an AUX cable installed so I can play music from my ipod/mp3 player through the car stereo. I have heard there is an amplified and un-amplified cable.which one is better in regards to sound quality and do you have to turn the volume right up to get decent sound! The un-amplified is about $40 or less and the amplified is about $230

fordluva, Dec 12, 11:46pm
I have the $40 cable in mine and its fine, I guess it depends on what you plug into it, I use an ipod in mine, just make sure the volume on the device is turned right up and it sounds just as good as CD

tradingfreak360, Dec 13, 12:30am
Interesting.I read somewhere that if you use the cheaper cable then you tend to get alternator noise coming through the sound! Did you get a retractable cable with yours! If so,about what is the max length it can go!

redpaint, Dec 13, 12:40am
I have one on my Territory and XR un-amped and they work really well with great sound

tradingfreak360, Dec 19, 6:48am
Has anyone ever used it for anything other than an ipod/mp3 player e.g mobile phone! If so was the sound pretty much the same as an ipod!

granada, Dec 19, 9:57pm
How about one of those FM transmitters that plug into your ipod.Its a wireless connection to the stereo unit and you just use the tuner on the head deck.You can then use it in any car or even tune it in at home.

vtecintegra, Dec 19, 10:21pm
I'd recommend against them - sound quality is okay in some cars provided you have a clear channel but its utter rubbish in other cars or in a city with heaps of stations.

I have a couple of different ones in my car but they both drive me nuts, fortunately it has a cassette deck though so I can use a cassette adapter

tradingfreak360, Dec 20, 2:00am
I've tried 3 different FM transmitters, they were all sh*t

vtecintegra, Dec 20, 2:07am
Re this its going to depend on your phone.Mine sounds pretty bad compared to an iPod TBH, but you also notice that with headphones so its the phone itself.

richms, Dec 21, 1:00am
Alternator and other whine will happen if you charge the device at the same time as using its output to the car, ground loops and all that.

If you want to minimize it, take power and ground to the mp3 players adapter from the back of the stereo too, that made it almost inaudible for me, freed the lighter socket back up for more important things, and meant that I could run the cable to the right side of the steering wheel where I had my holder for the player, and have the cable go inside the dash so being neater. I just got an inline ciggy lighter socket and spliced into the ACC and GND on the ISO loom adapter and plugged in the ciggy lighter to USB adapter and cabletied it all in place.

tradingfreak360, Dec 21, 7:02am
I got the AUX cable today and its a piece o wees to install. I ended up getting the boosted/amplified cable from cousin works there and he got a employee discount. I only have to turn the volume up to about 6 or 7 and its quite loud, my BF has the premium sound pack which makes it even better.

vtecintegra, Dec 21, 7:06am
Out of interest which end of the iPod does the cable plug into, the dock connector or the headphone port!

tradingfreak360, Dec 21, 7:15am
Headphone port, but it is possible to get a dock connector fitted.

vtecintegra, Dec 21, 7:20am
Cool, just trying to work out which way I need to go to connect an iPod into my car (not a Ford).

The dock connector has a proper line out so in theory should give slightly better quality than the headphone port but if yours sounds good anyway it might be best just to go that way.

richms, Jul 10, 9:40am
The headphone out is not bad if you are not loading it down with actual headphones, and has the advantage that when you graduate from being an iSheep you dont have to worry about how to connect anything else to it.

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