New registration and classic rego cost!

hydroman08, Jan 19, 6:47am
Hi all, what are the costs to register a vehicle for the first time in NZ (its been complied etc, just needs first plates).
Also what is the age a car must be to fall under cheap rego costs each year!


robell, Jan 19, 8:10am
Private passenger 12 months licence and new plate issued
Petrol driven - 1301-2600cc $431.18
Petrol driven - 2601-4000cc $462.23
Non-petrol driven - 1301-2600cc$561.04
Non-petrol driven - 2601-4000cc$592.09
as for cheap licencing its over 40 year old vehicles qualify as vintage

hydroman08, Jan 19, 8:25am
what about petrol over 4000cc!

franc123, Jan 19, 9:08am
Contact NZTA, the price for that isn't listed on their webpage, only up to 4000cc.At a guess it would be over $500.

bigjerry, Jan 19, 9:41am
dont talk to me about fricken rego mate! on the list above i fit nicely into the 'non-petrol 2601-4000 cc' class. just did it and it hurt. "Get a diesel" they say "Heaps cheaper"they say. im ranting mad

morrisman1, Jan 19, 9:49am
bigjerry, remember those prices are for initial registration - the issue of number plates and 12 months licencing.

the 3/6/12 month licence renewal is a different thing. Many get confused but thats just because we all know it as 'rego' when in fact the term landtransport use is 'licence'

bigjerry, Jan 19, 10:12am
wrong. i just rego'd the hilux and it was $580.00. for a year. $580.00! I had to go and sit down outside the post office. Thanks for the lesson though morrisman, im not confused, im pissed off.haha

franc123, Jan 19, 10:28am
Yes and has been for many many years now.Why people still refer to licencing as registration or rego after all this time is beyond me.

bigjerry, Jan 19, 10:35am
cause its called a rego, "hey mate how much was your rego!" "your rego's out mate" stick to the lingo and you cant go wrong. telling people they got it wrong, its actually called a licence, will get you kicked out of the shed and into the kitchen to help the ladies with the washing up.spotty little herberts.

rsr72, Jan 19, 10:57am
Correct term should be 'Car Registration Tax',
afterall that's all it is, another tax.

rsr72, Jan 19, 10:59am
#1 - Britain gives free registration to cars over 25 years old.
Makes our government nothing more than thieves.

franc123, Jan 19, 11:17am
Some of us spotty little herberts might prefer to wash up with the ladies than listen to BS from Tui sucking braindead neanderthals thanks, the conversation is generally more intelligent.Live in the last century if you want to.As for the poms not having car tax discs for over 25yo vehicles I don't think the lack of revenue from that bothers them too much in the scheme of things, most of their cars are rusted out wrecks and are off the road by the time they've got to even half that age.

rsr72, Jan 9, 4:41pm
Tell that to collectible classic car owners, and there's a lot of them in the UK.
Our government are nothing more than money-grubbing thieves in comparison.

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