Space saver wheels - what are they worth!

nathanmac, Jan 18, 10:10am
Just wondering if space saver wheels have any real value!I'm building a wooden car for a kindy playground and thought I'd use a set of them but not sure what to pay.I had a look on here but they seem to be listed between $1 to $130.Considering I was hoping a tyre shop or wrecker might have some they'd be happy to donate for free at least supply for a small fee I don't know what would be reasonable.I wouldn't have thought there would be much of a market for them!

foxdonut, Jan 18, 10:37am
Looking at the auctions I'd say that 20 bucks for a set would be fair at a wreckers. (Assuming of course you can't get them for free first)

pollymay, Jan 18, 10:41am
Actually people use them for lots of things like that. Lots of growers use old hubs and axles with the thin spacesavers to run between the crop rows using little trailer things. There isn't a huge market but people want money for the time and trouble of offering them.

Lots of dirt track guys with multiple cars and people that buy wrecks have them and I'm sure you could work a deal out. Some wreckers yards are good like that, others are douchebags. Pays to ask round locals, I pick up more good deals via word of mouth than trademe and such.

elvis58, Jan 19, 5:59am
Wreckers use them to keep the cars mobile after the fitted wheels have sold.You would be lucky to get them for less than $20 each.

nathanmac, Jan 10, 2:57am
Thanks for the advice.As mentioned it pays to ask around - I rustled up a complete set for the total sum of $25 thanks to a couple of generous local firms.Some places were asking as much as $20 each for scruffy wheels. So I'm happy and the kids at kindy should be happy too.Might be the only pre school around with a V8 convertible in the playground.

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