There is a sheet of plastic between the interior

bjdw, Jan 20, 12:25am
door panel and the metal door.Does it need to be there!Why is it there!

vtecintegra, Jan 20, 12:31am
To stop moisture inside the doors from affecting the trim panel

lookoutas, Jan 20, 5:36am
And to direct water back inside the door where it can exit at the drain holes - instead of finishing up inside the car. And wrecking the door cards.

bjdw, Jan 20, 5:39am
hmm, i cut holes for the magnets on my speakers.I suppose they will get wet now.I also put crossovers in the bottom of the doors.Sounds likw they may not last long.

opencast, Jan 20, 5:39am
Not to mention awful drafty without it.

rob_man, Jan 20, 5:39am
And prevent draughts and dust. If yours has fallen apart while you were taking the trim off you can cut a new one out of plastic and stick it on with duct tape.

rob_man, Jan 20, 5:42am
That's a wet area, you can position plastic over the inside with a bit of perseverence, it may help. Factory speakers have plastic covers on the inside nowadays.

lookoutas, Jan 11, 1:02am
That's what I would say too.

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