Plastic header tank

joanie32, Dec 18, 3:42am
.on my one of myfalcons is really grubby from having only water in it. Ive flushed system and used antifreeze etc. but reallywant to soak clear plastic tank in something to clean it up. Have tried soapy water, bleach and chlorine, looks better butnot good. Any ideas!

a.woodrow, Dec 18, 3:46am
Take it out, put a couple of handfuls of fine gravel in it, add a bit of water and shake it round a bit, great for cleaning out plastic tanks, empty and rinse thoroughly when done

franc123, Dec 18, 3:47am
What about CLR!If it can get rust stains off metal and other household surfaces it might work.Although what effect it might have on the plastic I don't know.

joanie32, Dec 18, 3:51am
I was wondering about CLR, might trysome. Id rather not use gravel, though I now what you are saying, as therestiny little holes in the baffles it could get wedged in.

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