Any tyre guys.

sudsy99, Jan 20, 8:27am
Whats the imperial equivalent of 225/70/15 4x4 tyre!

mr40cal, Jan 20, 8:36am
in case you wish to work it yourself - 15 is the rims size i.e. 15 inch
imperial is inches so thats the easy bit done
225 is the nominal section width of the tyre (widest part) typically in the sidewall area expressed in mm's
now, 70 is the sidewall height in a percentage, meaning the sidewall height is 70% of 225mm
so 225 x .70 (or 70%) is 157.5mm
now times that by two cause there is two sidewalls
so 157.5 + 157.5 is 315mm
315mm divides by 25.4 gives inches
which is 12.40 inches
add that to your rims diameter of 15inches and you get 27.4 inch high
the tyres width is 225mm so change that to inches is around 8.5 inches
so an imperial number for you is 27/8.50R15, which would be super odd ball
hope this helps
can I ask why you need the equivalent!

sudsy99, Jan 20, 8:39am
Oh I need a couple of tyres, I have 2 nearly new 225/70/15 on the rear and thought that there might have been an imperial equivalent to expand the options for the front.

mr40cal, Jan 20, 8:51am
could you just stick with the same size for the front
any reason as to why a different size would help
are you looking for something not available in a 225/70R15
you looking for a wider tyre, grippier, less grippy, lower!

sudsy99, Jan 20, 8:56am
No I was simply browsing tyres on here and saw heaps of imperial sizes for sale and was wondering if there was an equal to what I have now.Simple as that really.

sudsy99, Jan 12, 12:58pm
Thanks heaps for setting me straight though mr40cal

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