A curly one for XR6 Turbo

rayzor14, Jan 15, 6:36am
A friend has a BA XR6 Turbo which has collapsed the inside of the catalytic converter. Unlike many other cars where you can simply remove it or gut it, it isnt that simple with the XR6 turbos - they overboost and either leave the engine all over the road or the ECU drops them into limp home mode. In other words they must either have the cat or you go to the expense of buying a CAPA Flash tuner and paying for a tune.

And therein is the catch. This guy has owned the car for 4 years, drives like a nana and has no desire to go spending all that cash or gain great wads of power - he is happy as larry with it stock standard.

Ford NZ being the thieving bunch of mongrels they have continually proven to be have quoted $3900 for a new cat. No suprise there, they quoted me in excess of $5000 for a new turbo for mine some months back.

So where on earth can you buy a cat with similar flow characteristics (i.e. NOT massively better flow) without needing to mortgage an arm and a leg!

phillip.weston, Jan 15, 6:58am
you can buy high-flow performance cats here on trademe or most exhaust shops, generally around $300-500.

saki, Jan 15, 7:07am
If he drives like a nana why have the internals of the cat collapsed!

rayzor14, Jan 15, 7:08am
I think that is the problem phillip. High flow is likely going to result in overboost and all the associated issues.
The factory cat on these things despite being the size of a small house is actually a 400 cell cat so is incredibly restrictive.

pandai, Jan 15, 7:08am
We had to get a cat replaced and went to Magoo Muffler, they used this brand:


We were surprised how cheap it was, and ended up getting a new resonator and a section of pipe replaced as well.Can't remember how much, around the $500 mark (but not a high flow cat).

fordcrzy, Jan 15, 7:10am
ford wreckers!

1fordluva, Jan 15, 7:12am
Just put a high flow and an electronic boost controller on to cure the boost spike issues. lol

rayzor14, Jan 15, 7:12am
Presumably due to age, mileage, towing and a multitude of other factors - who knows.

foxdonut, Jan 15, 7:13am
Its still just an analogue system, can't it be bypassed with a voltage regulator or cheater: http://forums.evolutionm.net/evo-how-tos-installations/208195-5-o2-cheater-non-fouler-how.html

pandai, Jan 15, 7:16am
Haha +1

dr_blueoval, Jan 15, 7:23am
The question I have is how long has it been since the last diagnostic check with WDS/IDS and what software calibration its currently running.There were upgrades to BA XR6T's very early on.

smiley-girl, Jan 15, 7:23am
Pit stop or other muffler shops can do cats for this vehicle, no need to go genuine, if however it was a 2008 model then you would be out of luck as genuine is the only option at present due to the star rating.

clark20, Jan 15, 7:28am
From the chase website


Reasons for a Catalytic Converter Failure
With automotive market changes, including the requirement for catalytic converters due to the introduction of the new emissions legislation, the need to better understand emission control equipment is important.

Given this, it is timely to look at why catalytic converters fail.
??? Your catalytic converter should never have failed!
??? If it does, then there is another problem
??? Just replacing the converter will not fix that problem
??? If your catalytic converter needs replacing, one or more of the problems below most likely contributed to its failure

To read the rest go to that web site and click on tech

rayzor14, Jan 15, 8:51am
Interesting stuff. The car in question has had almost every causal factor that is likely to cause cat failure.
The turbo failed due to blocked oil feed line (that in itself is a problem common to many of them) and was then driven from Napier to Wellington in a seized condition.most likely ran as rich as hell in the process.
Coil packs failed causing misfire.
About the only thing that hasnt failed on the list is the exhaust hangers.

That being said it has done a fair number of kms so it cant be considered unreliable in the big picture of things.

fordguy17, Jan 15, 6:42pm
Either visit a Ford wrecker, or have a high flow Cat put in with a boost controller. You can import them off eBay for cheaper than ANYWHERE in NZ. A basic, high flow "Magnaflow" OBDII cat converter is about $us70.

1fordluva, Jan 15, 7:15pm
Thats so true, here in nz the prices and sellers are just out too butt fuk you when you buy an item for your vehicle!

fordguy17, Jan 15, 8:23pm
Even with postage, the prices are still cheaper than 99.9% of businesses. Some people will get angry and tell me to buy local.I'll buy local when they can supply the parts at a reasonable price. We know how much they can get them for ex-US, so even with a little bit of markup for their profit they still don't need to charge the extortionate prices they do. I buy ALL my car parts from the US, has saved me hundreds.

rovercitroen, Jan 15, 8:30pm
For items over a certain amount ($400!) customs will ping you for GST on arrival. Still much cheaper though.

1fordluva, Jan 15, 8:46pm
$800 and how do they know you havnt paid more,it 99% of the time an honesty thing.

gtf, Jan 15, 9:25pm
If you don't have 'friends' in the trade, then best try Ford wreckers, then Performance workshops that would have modified BA turbo models (expecting that they might have the factory cat lying around somewhere from past customers) or last just getting a reputable turbo specialist workshop to customise something for you - should still be much less than the $3900 quoted by Ford!

rayzor14, Jan 20, 8:54am
Just thought I'd update this and offer up the answers found along with thanks to those who made smoe good suggestions.

Pitstop, Chase etc do not offer a direct replacement cat for the xr6 turbo. XR6 (BA & BF) they do but the turbo variant has a single entry twin exit cat which is not offered.

In short a lot of stuffing around to fit any universal fitment with no guarantee of it working without needing to look at tuning issues.

A low km replacement was found locally from someone who had replaced a whole exhaust system as part of a major power up exercise and cat purchased for a mere $30.

Fitted today and he dropped around a while ago so I could feel the difference. HOLY CRAP!
I would never have believed that one single part failing could have resulted in the transformation it did. Honestly this car drove like a piece of s&^t.gutless, inconsistent, the most horrendous changes from the auto you can imagine and fuel economy to rival a 2 stroke detroit diesel.
With a new cat it is back to smooth, seamless power again and doing everything like it used to.

Once again thanks to all who contributed.

rkauto, Jan 12, 11:17pm
Good to see you got it sorted.JFYI you can fit the chase cats to these,you need to fit a 2into1 pipe and then fit the cat.they do work as have had the same problem after owners have removed cats.

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