2002 Mondeo FM problem

welshdude, Jan 17, 9:04pm
CD plays fine and MW radio is fine. FM has just stopped working. The stations are displayed but there just ain't sound. Aerial seems fine. Is there a setting I could have accidentally changed!

fordcrzy, Jan 18, 7:45am
yup happened to ours too. i pulled it out and had a look inside and there was a chip on the board that had blown up near where the aerial connects.

andrea_w, Jan 18, 7:52am
I'd check the coaxial aerial cable by doing a continuity test to rule out any problem there (unlikely, but an easy test). If its not that, as above, sounds like the tuner has gone.

welshdude, Jan 18, 9:15pm
Problem with replacing is that it is a huge, non-standard size. It'll leave a huge hole around it.

andrea_w, Jan 18, 11:17pm
I just look at other Mondeo's for sale on here. it looks like a double DIN sized hole. Your local car audio store should stock a pocket to fill the rest of the hole.

fordcrzy, Jan 20, 7:51am
why not try the ford wreckers in w(h)anganui.
just get another standard stereo but make sure they give you the chassis number of the acr that it came out of so you can enter in the security code.

if you do decide to get an after market one, have a look at the "mondeo enthuiast group" forum in england and you can see which stereo's work with the factory steering column controls.

craigsmith, Jan 20, 8:04am
It's not double DIN, don't listen to people that don't know for sure. I don't think that Focus / old Cougar fascia will fit either.

You need a 1.5 adaptor, or you will be hacking your dash to make a 2.0 fit (possible if you're not scared of permanent mods).

There are lots of examples with pics at www.talkford.com , go there and search.

andrea_w, Jan 20, 8:17am
You're right, I don't know for sure. which is why I said it 'looks like' a double DIN hole. By me saying 'looks like' it was a hint for the OP to confirm this. I can't do it as I don't have the car in front of me.

Have a browse through here, if there is a fitting kit for it, Ed will stock it. (I'm having trouble opening a pdf file so I can't check)

fordcrzy, Jan 20, 8:40am

welshdude, 6 days, 17 hours
I'm definitely going there. I AM an enthusiast. I have owned my Mondeo for 9 months and I can't believe what a great drivers car it is. For starters, it is one of the few models around still available in manual. Handling, steering, suspension, engine, roominess, superb!

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