Needed 318i e36 m42 engine

prohunter1, Jan 18, 1:25pm
needed 318 e36 m42 engine for a 1995 bmw. have been told itl take up to 1999. Anyone know of any good sites or anyone needing to sell one!

bmwnz, Jan 18, 9:09pm
Any wreckers yard should have them, surely!

doug207, Jan 19, 1:29am
Ring Ray at Hellbm, 0212hellbm.

prohunter1, Jan 19, 5:39am
single cam m42 engine. rego plate ACS427

prohunter1, Jan 20, 3:00pm
just confirming after looking at car today, bmw 316I HOWEVER was told these models out of S.A came with the 318I m43 single cam chain driven engine

prohunter1, 6 days, 3 hours
YUP thats the one. However did not sell as buyer was trickey. Did you have anyluck with the guy!

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