Please help! Stolen car Rotorua CBD.

carpman, Jan 21, 5:06am

Just wondered if people could keep an eye out for our white Mitsubishi Pajero stolen from Rotorua CBD (Near the Prince's Gate Hotel/QE part of town) whilst hubby was at work. It's reg. no. is TR5752 and it has a towing hook.

Guess someone wanted to go off for the weekend and took our car to do so.We are gutted :0(

Much appreciated.

kevymtnz, Jan 21, 5:20am
Rotorua is the car stealing cap of NZ
but to take a mitsi thats desperate

carpman, Jan 15, 11:05am
Wish I could laugh at your reply right now but am feeling absolutely gutted.Today was hubby's last day at work, we had a lovely little leaving do this afternoon and the two of us and our littl'un wandered back to the car.Only it wasn't there.Move to the South Island in two weeks.Not good timing for us.