STOLEN CAR from Onehunga!

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jason18, May 18, 9:01pm
Oh crap. Bastards. Good luck to the owner getting it back.

jason18, May 18, 9:03pm
Have posted it on the mopar forum for you.

donnie14, May 18, 9:34pm
thanks Jason. I just posdted it on here as it was on the Facebook Page of the NZV8 mag. Being a car lover my self this sort of thing shits me immensely! I have seen a few cars being found as they were posted on here. Lets hope they find it aye!

franko171, May 18, 10:00pm
bugger hope thy get it back

johnf_456, May 18, 10:03pm
Dam hope you got insurance, all the best. Will keep an eye out.

cjohnw, May 18, 10:11pm
I've seen your car before.
I am in Hillsborough. Will keep a look-out.

Good Luck.

donnie14, May 18, 10:20pm
Thanks all. Its NOT my car. this was posted on the NZV8 magazine facebook page this morning tho so pass it on.

marcos1, May 19, 5:49am
Was that the brown one that was parked on Alfred Street !

whqqsh, May 19, 8:15am
Im out that way with work etc so will keep em peeled

polaris01, May 19, 8:16am
dude, i saw this yesterday driving past me down selwyn/ church street. Didint think itd been stolen, only saw the car and thought "thats nice". I'll keep an eye out for it

quickstitch, May 19, 8:31am
i have driven past your car many times (parked on the road in Alfred st) and thought it wasn't a safe place to leave a classic. Hope you get it back, will keep an eye out for it.

johnf_456, May 19, 8:32am
Same here I use to go past it everyday at my old job, it was a beauty.

marcos1, May 19, 9:13am
Your are / were a local !

johnf_456, May 19, 9:14am
Yes I live in Auckland.

marcos1, May 19, 9:28am
Local, as in Onehunga.

johnf_456, May 19, 9:29am
What is the objective here!

mike107, May 19, 9:30am
To find it!

johnf_456, May 19, 9:31am
I have helped search my name, just because you specifically don't like me for god knows what reason when we have got on well in person. Already said in post 7 i'd keep an eye out and a few other threads tonight. Its not every thread either, maybe its everyone you go into.

johnf_456, May 19, 9:36am
Yes I am local and I often travel through neilson st and I am a bit paranoid with the flack I get lately that is not deserved.

marcos1, May 19, 9:44am
Pffft john

I saw the car on monday arvo, It had been on the roadside for ,maybe a couple or so of weeks. kinda asking for trouble leaving a car like that on the road if ya ask me.
eyes are peeled OP

johnf_456, May 19, 9:49am
Yeah, just get a bit of flack nothing against you. I agree that sort of car on the side of the road is a big risk especially in Onehunga.

afer_daily, May 19, 6:06pm
its gone viral /back page of the herald this morning .

spacies_nz, May 19, 8:00pm
The owner was a muppet for leaving that on the street. I have seen it many times just sitting there. Anyway, I have owned a couple of those VFs, I hope the owner gets it back and I hope he puts it in a safer place if he does.

elect70, May 20, 2:51am
Crazy leaving on streetin NZ s car stealing capital .The gangs will strip it & make a gang banger wagon out of it. Even sis old beat upmorrie 1100 gotstolenfrom Onehunga.

pericles, May 20, 2:52am
our foreman saw that vehicle being towed by another vehicle. he commented this morning when he saw it in sideswipe this morning